1. L

    Broken Razorblade arms repair

    So I’ve posted before about my Razorblades’ arms and their loose hinges, but now I’ve gone and broke them. I dropped them and they just broke right on the hinge. What I wanted to find out is if this is a fixable problem? I have all the pieces that broke, would it be possible to repair them? I...
  2. L

    Loose arms on razor blades fix?

    I've got a pair of seafoam green heritage razor blades that I picked up off ebay last week and the arms are pretty loose. I had a pair of razor blades before that weren't nearly as loose, the arms on these ones kinda flop around and tend to come off rather easily. The clamp part near the hinges...
  3. cacatman

    🦘Disassemble/Repair Guides for Hinges etc of Oakley Sunglasses

    Last updated 12th May, 2021 by @cacatman Disassembly Badman Hinge Carbon Blades Display Case Hinges (@RonkPM) FMJ Watch (all the parts) @Medusa50 Half Jacket Half X and Hinge Repair. Best “how-to”by @StG here. Hatchet Wire Spring Repair (@Serhat) and here (@Scarface) Holbrook (@SoulFulFrog)...
  4. B

    Can they be saved?

    My daughter took my eye patch 2s off my head and threw them in the ground. Any suggestions on what might work? Already bought some double edges to replace them but can't bring myself to throw these out without at least trying
  5. Brian24Xmetal

    Anyone know how to do a Spike tune-up??

    I have a pair of Spikes but haven't worn them in years, because the hinges are so loose. I didn't wear them much and am not really sure how it happened. Is there an easy way to tighten them?
  6. joscejrod

    How to fix an Oakley Penny Broken Nosebridge?

    hello. Could i fix my oakley penny? The nosebridge is broken(the joins between nosebrige and frame) and one lens is scratched. Thanks!!