1. yanki01

    is Fire Iridium supposed to look like this?

    I just got these in the mail and I have never seen this much reflection INSIDE the lens. I have about 5 other polarized lens and none of them have this type of reflection from the inside. Mid-day with the sun right above you, i can see my eyes reflecting. it has just about the same of what looks...
  2. Sushobhon Samuel Morrison

    Flak 2.0 standard vs XL

    Is there any difference in the lens height between flak 2.0 standard and XL lens other than lens shape (standard is rounded )..i saw in Oakley website that both standard and XL lens height is 38 mm and all other measurements are also the same..standard lens has that more of a pitch look to it.
  3. Sushobhon Samuel Morrison

    Matte White or Polished White flak 2.0 XL

    I am planning to buy my first ever flak 2.0 XL..what would be a better color choice between matte white frame sapphire iridium and polished white jade iridium?
  4. S

    Flak Jacket 2.0 vs Half Jacket 2.0 actual size

    First and foremost thanks to all the posters who've posted useful info here. I have two questions that I'm trying to clear up before buying. HJ 2.0 and HJ 2.0 XL are the same frames but with different lenses? Flak Jacket 2.0 frame is smaller than HJ 2.0 ? (why then is it called half?) From...
  5. R

    8 Base vs 8.75 Base Lenses - Flak 2.0

    Hi all, I've recently made an order for some aftermarket 8 base lenses from Fuse for my Flak 2.0 frames. I've read that the OEM lenses for the Flak 2.0 are actually 8.75 base, and not 8 base. Will there be a notable difference in the Fuse lenses that I've ordered in comparison to the OEM ones...
  6. Jay-Da

    Trading Flak 2.0 XL Fire Iridium Lenses

    I have a pair of brand new Fire Iridium XL lenses for Flak 2.0. Looking to trade for a pair of new +Red Iridium XL lenses. Would consider Jade or Ruby as well but first choice is +Red. Would also throw in some money with the lenses if anyone has Prizm Shallow or Deep lenses... Please let me...
  7. R

    My Flak 2.0 Asian & Standard Fit Story!

    Hi all, I wanted to share with you the recent experience I've had buying two different pairs of Oakley Flak 2.0 within a week! Apologies for the short story, but I hope other potential buyers can take some learnings from my post for their future purchases! Let me start from the beginning...
  8. The_Darkone

    Deal Great Rio 2016 Glasses

    got some great glasses i wouldn't have been able to get without @lazafari
  9. rml0015

    Buying Flak 2.0 Polished Black/Black Ink & Sapphire Ird Polarized

    Hi all, I am interested in buying some Flak 2.0 black frames, like the title says Polished black or Black ink will do. I don't really want matte frames. Preferably with an icon that isn't flashy, no chrome or bright colors. I also want some sapphire XL lenses if anyone has any for sale. I am...
  10. rml0015

    Productive day at the O Vault

    I went into the Vault in Ellenton, Florida today while away on work and made a few purchases. First I picked up some Flak 2.0 with the prizm dailys and that awesome steel frame. Then, since the badman are on sale now I picked up a pair of the pewter/tungsten ird(because I'm a sucker for an...
  11. Campagnolokid

    For Sale SOLD Jawbreakers and flaks! Great deal

    Hey everyone!! Ive accumulated a decent stash of eyewear. I'm looking to thin out my drawer!! Need to buy more haha This is my first sale and i wanna see how it goes. Paypal only. W tracking shipped priority in US only please. ALLLLL SOLLLD Thx 1. Jawbreaker cavendish edition. Brand new still w...
  12. OmAaKrLiEnY

    Custom flak 2.0's

    Just wanted to share this custom 2.0 I built for a customer today. Retina burn frame, sapphire lens, orange ear socks and icons. It was the coolest one I've seen yet! Still coming down from that epic custom build high:).
  13. spin_nin

    Flak 2.0 "Team USA?"

    Hey everybody! I just picked up a new pair of Flak 2.0 and I'm wondering about their identity. I purchased them from a reputable seller who comes across a lot of special editions, so I'm not really questioning their authenticity, but I am looking to validate them nonetheless. They have Black...
  14. yanki01

    Flak 2.0 replacement icons?

    There's some on the bay but made for the radars. Would they be the same size as the Flak 2.0? Also, how would one "save" the icons for multiple use? A little heat/hair dryer to remove and keep the sticky? I don't plan on swapping them every day buy would like to keep the options and not have any...
  15. yanki01

    New Flak 2.0's!

    I always liked my Fast Jackets but due to the lack of options on lenses since they're being discontinued, I decided to try something else. Of course the F&F discount helped my make a decision on what I was going to buy. Flak 2.0 Matte black frame, white O Sapphire Iridium Polarized XL Prizm...
  16. yanki01

    Let's see your Flak 2.0

    I didn't see a thread on this but very interested in seeing all the custom Flak 2.0's out there. I'm interested in ditching my Fast Jackets for the Flak 2.0 since they have more options and not being discontinued, obviously. Let's see what you got.
  17. M

    Buying Oakley Flak 2.0 XL

    Hey. I'm looking for a pair of Flaks 2.0 XL. It doesn't really matter if it's full package or not, but I'd like the sunglasses to be in good condition. Thanks.
  18. Mattikins

    Price difference from Standard to Polarized Lenses

    Has anyone noticed the larger price difference when buying a pair polarized sunglasses vs non-polarized as compared to the price difference between just buying polarized lenses vs non-polarized lenses. Example. Polarized flak jackets are $210 vs $150 for non polarized, therefore a $60...