1. hockeyguy

    For Sale Flak Jacket XLJ 30 Year

    30 year sport collection Flak Jacket Jade Iridium XLJ All original packaging. $80 plus shipping.
  2. Dullisc

    Sold **Price Lowered** - M Frame Gen 1 and Livestrong Flack Jacket XLJ

    Looking to sell a few that do not see much face time. 1st up: Livestrong Foundation Flak Jacket XLJ / Black Iridium (etched Livestrong Logo) - $110.00 > $100.00 > $70.00 (free shipping) Frame is in good condition with no marks and shows little sign of use. Arms are tight and snap into place...
  3. SCOTT T

    Sold Prototype Grey Camo Flak Jacket XLJ

    Prototype Grey Camo Colorway, never released, unworn in perfect condition Includes a microfiber bag $200 free shipping in the USA Paypal Goods and Services Only Contact me about shipping to countries outside the USA
  4. BoostBear

    For Sale Flak Jacket XLJ

    Flak Jacket XLJ 26-243 Polished Black w/ Polarized Bronze - New/Unused; box has some wear to label, includes all the paperwork, smaller nose bombs, micro bag and soft vault (originally had a blank vault replaced it with lens slotted one). TRADED $140 Shipped as bundle with the other xlj's...
  5. Sigtinius

    Trading Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ - Black w/ BIP Lenses

    Looking for a Flak 2.0 XL Prizm Maritime lenses or BIP lenses. Also willing to sell the XLJ ~$100. Excellent condition. PayPal all set up if need be.
  6. Jay-Da

    Buying Flak Jacket Matte White Frame

    Looking for a Flak Jacket Matte White frame, not Flak 2.0, the original Flak Jacket. They made the matte white frame with jade iridium lenses. Looking to get a pair, but don't necessarily need the lenses or not. Thanks!!
  7. Jay-Da

    Sold Flak Jacket Frame - Grey Smoke

    I have a Flak Jacket frame for sale, color is gray smoke. It was part of a custom build I did a while back but really never wear. Only worn a handful of times, they are practically brand new. No scratches or dings. $50 shipped in CONUS, FF or add 4%. Thanks.
  8. Jay-Da

    Buying Flak Jacket XLJ Lenses

    Hey guys, I'm looking for Black Iridium or Fire Iridium replacement lenses for Flak Jacket XLJ. Would like new or like new condition, non-polarized is fine. Not against polarized but trying to keep the cost down. I'm not sure if anyone else noticed this or not but a few years after the Flak...