1. Bonz-1

    Logo contest!!

    Hey everyone I want to have a contest for a new logo/emblem for my custom work!! It would be used by me for logo's bags decals and other stuff!! The winner will get this pair of custom flak jackets with new bi lenses!! I have an idea about what I want but I want to get others ideas too !! I am...
  2. P

    Flak Draft Asia Fit additional lenses

    Apart from the Oakley site, are the Asia fit lenses for the Flak Draft available for sale anywhere else? I'm have the Prizm everyday polarized and am interested in the Prizm shallow water (fly fishing), Prizm trail (trail running and mountain biking) and possibly the Prizm road (road biking but...
  3. Tejada

    Sold Frame Flak jacket (new) $ 35

    Marco Flak jacket (new) Price $ 35 Free shipping to the USA Pay by Paypal.
  4. M Frame Boss

    M Frame Boss's collection

    Just wanted to share my humble collection enjoy. Big shout out to @Beardo0628 for the killer deal.on the black 3 tier stands and gifting those amazing Badmans. Thank you brother!!!! Sorry I suck at taking pictures haha. I will have to get my scar collection in the pictures also. So...
  5. S

    Replacement Oakley Prescription Lenses?

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum, but have been reading things on this site for a while. I'm a big Oakley fan, owning about 40 pair of sunglasses. All regular non-prescription sunglasses. I recently had an eye exam and got an updated prescription and thought, why not use a pair of Oakley...
  6. Tejada

    For Sale lot at $ 55

    lot at $ 55 Flak jacket is New Price for each $ 55 Pay with Paypal Shipping to the United States $ 5
  7. cacatman

    For Sale *** NOSE BOMBS & EARSOCKS for Sale (Including Vintage Pairs) ***

    If you are unsure of what earsocks you need, please tell us the name of the model and upload a CLEAR photograph of the rubbers WITH a ruler/tape measure next to it so we can check whether we have what you want. Vintage Rubber/Earsock Sale Please READ Carefully:- Quantities ARE LIMITED. But...
  8. Migs the Scientist

    Sold Prizm Flak 2.0 with production defect

    but it still looks mighty good! good day ya'll! Matte black frames, like new with zero marks and scratches aside from defect inside of frame. see last 2 photos! asking $SOLD in U.S...comes with cloth bag only questions, feel free to ask! cheers!
  9. Tejada

    Sold Lot . flak, half jacket, m frame. excellent price

    I sell lot of frames M frame, flak, half jacket. (new) the total of these are 52. (only frames in plastic bag) 14 M frame black mate 18 Flak Jacket 1.0 Black Polished 5 Flak Jacket 1.0 Rootbeer 5 Flak Jacket 1.0 Bronw 3 Flak Gray 7 Half Jacket Black Polished Initially the lot was 80...
  10. rml0015

    I Learned Something New Today at the O-Store (w/pics)

    Hi all, I went to my closest 3 Oakley Vaults today in the Tampa area. I was looking for the Sapphire Iridium XL Polarized for my Flak 2.0. It has been my favorite lense by far. So the first 2 didn't have them in stock, which I find odd but anyhow. I go to the third and all they have is the...
  11. xmetal40

    For Sale Flak Jacket Clear Black Photochromic BNIB -- price drop

    CONUS shipping. These could be chopped by @Chris A Hardaway for a Juliet or Penny, and fit the original Flak frame. Brand new, never attached to frame. $70
  12. D

    Flak Draft Asia fit lenses NOT interchangeable with regular Flak Draft.

    Hi All, For my fellow Asia Fit wearers, I just bought a pair of Flak Draft Asia Fit from the Oakley Vault at Ontario Mills, CA. The staff was very cool and let me compare the Asia Fit and regular Flak Draft lenses, and they are NOT interchangeable. The Asia Fit lenses are longer where it fits...
  13. B

    For Sale Flak XLJ lenses Ice and Array case-Price Drop

    SOLD! These will make some great beater lenses for somebody! Let's move these. Lenses only $15 shipped. Please add $5 if you want both the case and lenses to cover shipping for a bulkier box.. Please private message me if interested. I have a set of Ice Blue Flak Jacket XLJ lenses. The Right...
  14. P

    Hi everybody! Any UK Oakley enthusiasts?

    Hi guys, I've bought some flak jacket standard lenses and I'm wondering how to obtain a Flak Jacket 1.0 complete frame with arms etc in black? Preferably within the UK. Does anyone here on the forums sell them or have a spare frame lying around? Or would it be best to contact Oakley and see...
  15. bean323

    For Sale PRICE 2 MOVE - Flak Matte Black / Black Iridium Polarized Lens - 70.00 Shipped

    Picked this up and while very comfortable, i was unable to locate a 00 Red Iridium lens. Polarized. Only available in flak 2.0. ADDED nose items. not sure of the size. So back out to the masses. Just as in the picture. Bag/Glasses. ready to ship out. F&F or add 3%. CONUS ONLY thanks
  16. M

    Buying Oakley Flak 2.0 XL

    Hey. I'm looking for a pair of Flaks 2.0 XL. It doesn't really matter if it's full package or not, but I'd like the sunglasses to be in good condition. Thanks.
  17. Mattikins

    Price difference from Standard to Polarized Lenses

    Has anyone noticed the larger price difference when buying a pair polarized sunglasses vs non-polarized as compared to the price difference between just buying polarized lenses vs non-polarized lenses. Example. Polarized flak jackets are $210 vs $150 for non polarized, therefore a $60...
  18. Don Montalvo

    Hiya, long time Oakley fanboy (since Eyeshades - thanks Greg LeMond!)

    I own 2x M Frame, 1x Whisker, and lots'a extra lenses. I need to buy an RX set of Flak sunglasses for this Summer. But I'm confused: Flak Jacket Flak 2.0 Flak 2.0 XL I can't seem to find a comparison matrix/chart anywhere that breaks down the differences? Is it just appearance? Flak Jacket...