flight deck

  1. C

    Hey Y'all!

    Hey guys, Just a friendly East-Coaster about to fly out to Breckenridge at the end of the week for a few weeks of POW, and I need new lenses. I thought I had bought Oakley Flight decks, but now I'm not sure. Are these flight decks or Air breaks L or XL?? They have specific contour lines/slits...
  2. U

    Sold  Oakley Flight Deck 3.0 Travel Wallet Black Tiger Camo 95040-001

    This wallet does not have tags but has never been used! 100% Leather. brand new. Has pockets for bills, coins, 10 credit card/ID's with an exterior zipper pocket. The interior pocket is large enough to hold passports, airline tickets, and all travel paperwork. USD$80 plus shipping.
  3. BoostBear

    How to tell if you have a Flight Deck or Flight Deck XM

    Figure anyone shopping for pre-owned pair of either model, might run into a seller who isn't sure what they have or doesn't realize there's a difference in fitment between the two. As nothing sucks more than being stoked about your new purchase, only to realize upon receiving it that the seller...
  4. crgonyar

    Goggle lens protection

    Anyone have any experience with protection for goggle lenses?? I purchased the ripclear protectors for a pair of Fall Line and a pair of Flight Deck... the Fall Line fit perfectly and went on great. Not so much for the Flight Deck!! Are there any other options for protection?
  5. U

    Sold  Oakley Flight Deck Beanie, Black

    Hi, I decided to sell one of my Flight Deck Beanies. This one was used twice. So there are minimal marks on the hardcovers. Most of the time it was displayed on a shadow head in one of my cabinets. Please see the photos attached. One size fits all. I'm asking SOLD US $ - including PayPal...
  6. K

    Flight Deck Size (XM vs Normal)

    Hello guys! I'm currently looking to get a pair of flight deck goggles for this coming season, but I have no way to try them on in real life to see what size I should get. I know that there is the "normal" version that I think looks a bit too big from the pictures i've seen, and then there is...