1. U

    For Sale  Large Trade or Sale - Artist Series Hatchets Doubletap Killswitch Carbon Prime Madman Shoes Bunker Money Clip Uncommon, Collection Level Pieces

    7/11: **Open to individual sales** and will update as items are sold Looking back over this list i will update some of the prices, it was a little overwhelming pulling everything together I'm looking for a trade first, so a trade will take precedence over a straight up sale. I know I'm asking...
  2. U

    For Sale  Or trade Gascan Flores brown 1of /100 ( lnib )

    Trading for a Hollow point watch black or Minute machine blue polished in new or like new condition with all boxes. ( Sold ) Condition is like new. Lenses are perfect or near perfect, frame has no scratches or wear ( has what looks like hand written serial number on one stem) , stems are tight...
  3. U

    Sold  Today Only - BNIB David Flores Gascan Artists Series complete SOLD shipped US

    David Flores Gascan Rare chance to own a very rare artists series that was limited to 5000 pieces and most were ordered destroyed. Hard to say how many are really out there. TODAY ONLY 210.00 SHIPPED US PAYPAL G&S THIS IS COMPLETE AND BRAND NEW. SEE PHOTOS.
  4. Zax

    Blue Flores #439 - Lost/Stolen

    *Sorry, long post Hey everyone, it's been a while since I've been active. I used to be much more involved 5 years ago, but got busy with work and the hobby fell by the wayside. I recently won a Flores Gascan (blue) on eBay for quite a good deal and was excited to see that it got delivered...
  5. U

    For Sale  $OLD Blue David Flores Gascan $OLD

    Got a complete blue David Flores Gascan. Only blemish I see is a pin head sized scuff on the very top portion of the right lens, hard to see and not in the field of vision. One end of the box has some creases. $500 ($OLD) shipped to CONUS, PayPal gifted or add the 4% for fees. International...