fmj 45mm

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    For Sale  Eye Jacket, New FMJ 45mm / Black Iridium

    Hello OF for sale Eye Jacket, New FMJ 45mm with Black Iridium, used in good condition the lenses have marks but I think nothing affect the vision still good for wear, came with microbag only. Frame 9/10 Lenses 8,5/10 Rubbers 9/10 Price: $90 + $20 for the shipping + fees = $110 allin ( or best...
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    Sold  New Eye Jacket FMJ 45mm w/ Black iridium - $130 #SOLD

    Hello all I have this warranty frame of new eye jacket FMj 45 mm still in the original plastic, and I have spare of oem black Iridium lenses, never mount, only exposed in the tower don't have scratchers or defect, both are new. I value the frame in 50 and lenses in other 50 more 30 for cover...
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    For Sale  Bn New Eye Jacket FMJ 45mm "only frame" $100

    hello family For sale This time a Brand New, New Eye Jacket FMJ 45mm, frame only, it has the original plastic. SKU: 04-306 Price $100usd g&s paypal Shipped. Thanks For look.
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    Sold  Bn New Eye Jacket FMJ 45mm frame complete only, $100 #SOLD

    hi All For sale This brad New frame only of New Eye Jacket FMJ 45 mm i can't say nothing more, came with The original plástic from Oakley. Price #SOLD 100 g&s paypal shipping included. Thanks For look.