1. U

    Sold  Straightlink Polished Black frames

    Hey guys I have 2 Straightlink Polished Black frames with Red earsocks in excellent condition ! They have mainly been on display SKU 009331-08 Asking $55 each shipped CONUS
  2. MR2000

    Are Oakley Polished Clear Frames worth?

    We all know clear, transparent frames of the past would go yellow as they age, mainly because of the UV absorption. Does this happen with Oakley Polished Clear Frames? Are they made out of o-matter as other frames? Or is it another type of polymer? I've seen some old Oakley frames for sale...
  3. O

    Do Half X have more than one frame colour?

    Hi everyone! New to the forum and hoping this is in the right spot. I was just wonder if Half Xs come in more than one colour. Mine were recently stolen and I’m trying to find a replacement. Depending on the lighting it is hard to tell in some pictures. Is there more than one colour of frames or...
  4. I

    Help Finding Frames (prescription)

    I've had these oakley glasses for 3-4 years.. then it just wore out then I eventually lost it. Can anyone help me find out what frame model this was? Thanks. (also.. even when it was brand new the frame model - that I cannot recall - never matched anything online) Sizing was something like...
  5. L

    C-Wire earsocks

    Hi all New to the forum both owner of Oakleys for several years. I have a couple of pairs of C-Wires (2011 '4046' style) but the ear socks are starting to go on them. Does any one have any idea where I can get replacement ear socks and possibly nose pads as well? Waiting to hear back from...
  6. U

    Buying  wtb- crosshair 2.0 OO4044-03 or 43-309 blk iridium polarized lenses

    hello, - looking for crosshair 2.0 w black iridium polarized lenses- OO4044-03 or just the lenses - 43-309
  7. A

    Repairing Nose on a Mag Switch Frame

    I've got a pair of Mag Switch's that have been my daily wear pair for over a decade. They have the usual wear but I still love them. A friend recently gave me a pair of identical shades that I thought I'd just keep for parts. Looking at them, though, it appears the right side of the nose bridge...
  8. cacatman

    🦘List of Custom/Lens Cutting/Custom Frame Mod Contacts

    Updated on 6th March, 2024 by @cacatman If you a have correction or a tip for this page, please leave a comment. (Names are in alphabetical order unless MIA) Lens Cutting Don't know what lenses can be donors for your Oakleys? Go here and here. Why Custom Cut Lenses? - Because Oakley no...
  9. P

    Hi everybody! Any UK Oakley enthusiasts?

    Hi guys, I've bought some flak jacket standard lenses and I'm wondering how to obtain a Flak Jacket 1.0 complete frame with arms etc in black? Preferably within the UK. Does anyone here on the forums sell them or have a spare frame lying around? Or would it be best to contact Oakley and see...
  10. jtodd333

    Not the regular "collection" I suppose.

    I know this isn't the regular collection, since people don't exactly "collect" opthalmic frames haha, but this is my collection of dailies. My regulars that I wear on daily basis. Still need to get a proper case for everything else.
  11. Edge16

    Eyepatch 2 - Broken Frame

    I'm wondering if there is any possible way to fix these frames. I've tried some kind of epoxy with limited success. I am curious if anyone else has had frames break like this and have been able to successfully repair them.
  12. W

    Introducing Walleva Mr Shield Lenses

    We proudly introduce our highest quality sunglasses lenses – the Mr. Shield lenses. All Mr. Shield lenses are made of polycarbonate and are polarized, which can provide the best optical characteristics: high clarity, high contrast and high comfort. Mr. Shield stands for Multi-Resistant...