1. O

    Do Half X have more than one frame colour?

    Hi everyone! New to the forum and hoping this is in the right spot. I was just wonder if Half Xs come in more than one colour. Mine were recently stolen and I’m trying to find a replacement. Depending on the lighting it is hard to tell in some pictures. Is there more than one colour of frames or...
  2. I

    Help Finding Frames (prescription)

    I've had these oakley glasses for 3-4 years.. then it just wore out then I eventually lost it. Can anyone help me find out what frame model this was? Thanks. (also.. even when it was brand new the frame model - that I cannot recall - never matched anything online) Sizing was something like...
  3. L

    C-Wire earsocks

    Hi all New to the forum both owner of Oakleys for several years. I have a couple of pairs of C-Wires (2011 '4046' style) but the ear socks are starting to go on them. Does any one have any idea where I can get replacement ear socks and possibly nose pads as well? Waiting to hear back from...
  4. U

    Buying wtb- crosshair 2.0 OO4044-03 or 43-309 blk iridium polarized lenses

    hello, - looking for crosshair 2.0 w black iridium polarized lenses- OO4044-03 or just the lenses - 43-309
  5. A

    Repairing Nose on a Mag Switch Frame

    I've got a pair of Mag Switch's that have been my daily wear pair for over a decade. They have the usual wear but I still love them. A friend recently gave me a pair of identical shades that I thought I'd just keep for parts. Looking at them, though, it appears the right side of the nose bridge...
  6. cacatman

    🦘List of Custom/Lens Cutting/Custom Frame Mod Contacts

    Updated on 11th May, 2021 by @cacatman If you a have correction or a tip for this page, please leave a comment. (Names are in alphabetical order unless MIA) Lens Cutting Don't know what lenses can be donors for your Oakleys? Go here and here. Why Custom Cut Lenses? - Because Oakley no longer...
  7. P

    Hi everybody! Any UK Oakley enthusiasts?

    Hi guys, I've bought some flak jacket standard lenses and I'm wondering how to obtain a Flak Jacket 1.0 complete frame with arms etc in black? Preferably within the UK. Does anyone here on the forums sell them or have a spare frame lying around? Or would it be best to contact Oakley and see...
  8. jtodd333

    Not the regular "collection" I suppose.

    I know this isn't the regular collection, since people don't exactly "collect" opthalmic frames haha, but this is my collection of dailies. My regulars that I wear on daily basis. Still need to get a proper case for everything else.
  9. Edge16

    Eyepatch 2 - Broken Frame

    I'm wondering if there is any possible way to fix these frames. I've tried some kind of epoxy with limited success. I am curious if anyone else has had frames break like this and have been able to successfully repair them.
  10. W

    Introducing Walleva Mr Shield Lenses

    We proudly introduce our highest quality sunglasses lenses – the Mr. Shield lenses. All Mr. Shield lenses are made of polycarbonate and are polarized, which can provide the best optical characteristics: high clarity, high contrast and high comfort. Mr. Shield stands for Multi-Resistant...