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    For Sale Donation station

    Haven’t done one in a while, and I did open my big fat mouth about giving it away if it didn’t sell... true to my word I give thee a Black sliver round... you know what to do! 1. Batman 2. Oak prime 3. Code 4. 4-7 5. Fox 6. Mr magoo 7. BladeZ 8. OakleyOCD 9. Geo 10.crazyaboutmyX 11. Blonde...
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    Sold Kash-smash-free-party

    XS Line-gear gold lenses Has a couple marks from mounting tons of shelf life 1 oakstreet 2 crazy 3 joe cool 4 beardo 5 trumpito 6 ninja 7 wicked 8brdmn70 9 rez 10 Oakley Ocd 11 blondie 12 oakman 13 honda 14 hambone 15 maal 16 scrodo 17 black water 18 htrap 19 titan 20 beau
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    Sold Free party

    Ikon blue Juliet lenses.... 1 zax 2 crazyaboutmyX 3 trumpito 4 ninja 5 brdmn70 6 xmetalbeast 7 boostbear 8 stodd 9 oakstreet 10beau 11 bonz1 12 honda 13 mike 14hambone 15 thisguy25 16 blondie 17 wicked 18 joecool 19 atriedies 20 Reese’s pieces
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    Sold Free free and more free!!!!!

    Ikon Juliet Bronze/gold lenses 1. lofty16 2. blondie 3. /herbieninja 4. X metal beast 5. Trumpito 6. Cutch22 7. Wicked 8. Zax 9. Oak street 10. brdmn70 11. Blackwater 12. Papio 13. mike-vanderkoon 14. Honda ( loves bad/madman) 15. mtb-nj 16. /charles 17. This guy
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    Sold Free free freeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

    For your pleasure I present you a pair of unused but mounted rose gold/peach colored Juliet lenses. They are either ikon or fuse,I cannot recall as they were purchased a while ago. If your reading this you SHOULD already know what to do! If you don’t I suggest you start using the search bar...
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    Deal GIVEAWAY ~ Beater 5 SQ

    #20 Congratulations @Oak Heel Spring Cleaning and letting go of some pears I no longer wear or projects that never panned out. They're not pretty, but they're FREE... Fives Squared Polished Black / Grey lenses Beaters bottom of the right side has some blemishes Nose pads are in good...
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    Sold Free!!!! Free!!!! Free!!!

    It’s been a while since a give away has been conducted, and I owe a “pay it forward”. Same rules as always, claim your spot by posting your desired number. Once all number have been filled I will select the number. One number per member, no saving numbers for other members. Frame is brand...
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    Deal Free Minute Machine washers, any color

    Earlier my man @IAMOBS sold a Minute Machine bracelet and I offered a free set of washers to the buyer. Awesome dude @mustangjt picked it up but he already has a set. He suggested I give them away @"TRUMP" style so here it is. Free set of Minute Machine washers in any color (as long as it’s one...