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    Sold  Team USA Collectors Frogskins

    Team USA Frogskins (OO9013-85) for sale with original MF bag. I've never personally worn them, but they seem to be very lightly used. One small nick on the left lens and two small nicks on the right arm as noted in the photos. Other than that, I do not see any wear. Has original Team USA...
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    For Sale  Frogskins | Eastern Boarder Acapulco Gold

    Hello Forum, on behalf of a friend of mine (who isn't a forum member, but well known in the community) here is the chance to own a superrare pair of Frogskins. This opportunity will not come very often as most of the hardcore Frogskin collectors sit on their items like on a golden egg. Okay...
  3. Soulfulfrog

    SOULFULFROG's I'm tryin my best thread.

    All these I've picked up in the last 3 months. I got addicted to the 1st gens. Let me know what everyone thinks. Am I crazy. :-)
  4. U

    Trading  Many rare frogs in hopes of trading for other rare frogs UPDATED 6_14_17

    UPDATED LIST: BOLD ITALICS HAVE BEEN ACQUIRED OR TRADED Hey everyone, I am doing this in hopes of prying some of those rare frogs out of the awesome collections out there to replace with other rare frogs. See below for some of my options and the rare frogs I would like to acquire. I am not...
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    Buying  SUPREME Matte Black/Violet Iridium and White City/Black Iridium

    Hey Fellow O matter fans, I have recently focused my attention on Frogs and have acquired most of the Supreme releases with the exception of the Matte Black w Violet Iridium and White City w Black Iridium. If anyone can help me locate and acquire these I would greatly appreciate it. I am...
  6. Oakleynerd

    it was a bit WILD after a couple drinks . . .

    hi Oakley Community don't drink and surf . . . ;) after a couple Bloody Marys i went a bit WILDER during the night! :drinks: i bought a couple pairs for a real good price and after a few days the parcel hits me during work like the headache the day after :acute:
  7. picasin

    Value of Shaun White Blue Chrome and STPL Frogskins?

    What would the members here ask for bnib Shaun white blue chrome and STPL frogskins pink dove