frogskins 35th limited edition

  1. U

    For Sale  Dsm Fluro Yellow 35TH

    I have a set of Fluro Yellow 35TH frogskins. Looking to sell for $225 OBO. Willing to also trade for purple staple 35TH.
  2. Stu

    Fresh delivery

    Managed to pickup some 35th Frogs for £55 and bought some extra lenses to customise and all arrived today 😊 very happy..
  3. Vincent_LD

    Frogskins 35th Limited Edition available on

    I was watching the Frogskins 35th LE, yes the serialized black and gold one, for a while on, and I was saying to me : "Why there's still on the website if there's sold out, that's cruel" Now I know, They were keeping a box aside :P Mine already in the mail will received it Monday...