frost blue oil rig

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    Buying  Wanting Oilrigs in Frost Holiday edition, preferably in new condition.

    Hi guys, I am after a pair of Oilrigs in Frost Holiday edition, preferably in new condition, but even better if BNIB. I live in Melbourne, Australia. Just paid for the premium account so I can find these glasses. The ones I am searching for look like this photos (this is not my photo, just...
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    For Sale  Frost blue holiday oilrig.Price reduction

    Complete set with box. Comes with original lenses that have marks 7/10 not in line of sight and a new iceblue polarized aftermarket lens. Frame is immaculate no marks but 9/10 to be safe. 250$ ->235$ with 2 lenses plus shipping. ( traded ) Pm with any questions. Thanks for checking!
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    Buying  Matte Clear Oil Rig w/ Text , or Frost Blue Oil Rig

    Looking to purchase both sets in the very near future. Can send payment via PayPal same day. Very willing to spend what they're worth. If you have a pair to sell, please shoot me a PM. I'm located in Michigan.