1. XMetalAddict

    Aftermarket Lenses - Revant/Walleva/Fuse/Ikon/Linegear...etc

    The purpose of this thread is to generate a consolidated thread that compiles people's experience of all types of aftermarket makes/tints. With that in mind, here is a quick review of the lense that I recently acquired. Sunglasses: Juliet Manufacturer: Ikon Lense Colour: Rose Gold Base tint...
  2. ajirbl

    Fuse Lenses - Review

    First of all, I want to mention that I have absolutely no affiliation with Fuse Lenses whatsoever. I was however provided 3 sets of lenses to review. I initially found a review of these lenses from many months ago. The initial review was that they were the incorrect curve…has anything...
  3. V

    Fuse Lens: Any Reviews?

    I've been browsing lately on Ebay for some lenses and came across with these http://www.fuselenses.com. Has anybody tried them for our Oakleys? Thanks.