g26 iridium

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    Sold  Radar XL $SOLD

    Okay, so, ended up keeping the HP (thank you again, for the clasp, Zach), and still would like some extra money for my upcoming trip this Friday. I’m listing a couple pairs today and maybe two or three more tomorrow. Here’s the two I have ready: 1.) Radar XL (don’t think that these were...
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    Sold  /Trading: Radar XL Blade G26 Iridium

    As much as I love how this lens looks, I don't have much functional use for them - they were sold to me under the pretence of being Jade... I'm looking to see if someone here has a desire to actually use them for shooting, or just wants the experience the illusiveness of the lens tint. Frames...
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    For Sale  Radar Range G26 lens

    Radar Range G26 lens. No scratches on the lens. Very rare lens. Price: 70 USD including shipping.
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    G26 m frame lens

    is there anyway to get G26 m frames lens..i know it is discontinued..but still where can i get them?
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    Buying  WTB an m frame G26 lens

    is there anyone in this forum want to sell an m frame(any lens shape) G26 lens?
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    Buying  WTB Oakley m frame or radar G26 lens

    is there anyone out there who wants to sell any m frame shape or radar G26 lens ?
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    Buying  M-Frames

    Looking for some newer M-Frames with some Heater lens. Let me know what you got?
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    Buying  M Frame Lens in G26 iridium.

    I have a frame in need of a lens. Seeing if there are any G26's floating around before I try my luck on Ebay. I think the green would really stand out in my case ! :) Cheers.