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    For Sale  3 Oakley M Frame hybrid lenses (smoke, clear, G30 vented iridium rose), 3 nose pieces and Oakley Array case

    More pics here: PICS! I'm selling the Oakley stuff I don't want to use or hold onto anymore. They are in good condition; I tried to get pictures of all angles as best I could. I am saying this only to cover me in case my eyes have failed me as I've gotten older, but the lenses all have very...
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    Sold  Pro Racing Jacket Dark Grey / G30 Iridium

    Hello OF this beauty of racing jacket in dark Grey combo, is perfect without use, only displayed, the paint is perfect, the lenses and rubbers too, comes with the microbag only. SKU: 04-641 Frane 9/10 Lenses 9/10 Rubbers 9/10 Price: $165 the glasses + $35 for the fees and shipping. $200 allin...
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    Sold  Split Jacket Lenses

    Split Jacket Lenses Brand New Split Jacket OCP lenses. Positive red $50 SOLD Black Iridium $45 Persimmon $35 Clear $30 Yellow $35 G40 $40 G30 $45 Vr28 $40 If you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will reply to you as soon as possible Free shipping to USA...
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    Sold  Fast Jacket XL G30 ~ Blk Plaid

    Black Plaid / Slate Rubbers / G30 XL Cosmetically there's light signs of wear in form of surface hairline marks, basically what can be expected from a well cared for daily use pair. In their current state they need nothing, an are ready to be enjoyed by their new owner. They will come with a...
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    Sold  HJ 2.0 XL - VR28 Blk Ird & G30 Ird

    Inteneded on hand cutting these for XM XX, but changed my plans an am no longer in need of these these lenses. Despite never being worn, they had been handled a bit when sizing them as donors - they could work for an XX donor but would require hand cutting w/ nearly no margin for error. They...
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    Sold  Juliet G30 lens

    Got these lenses with a purchase or Juliets but I’m not a big fan of them. Just not my style. G30 lens. In good condition. No cleaning marks scratches or dots that I can tell. Will ship with the lens bag in the photos. Would rate the lenses as 8/10. For the fact they have been mounted $30.00...
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    Buying  Flak Jacket XLJ Lenses

    It's been a while since I got new lenses and my current ones are scratched to hell. Show me what you got for Flak Jacket XLJ lenses. Polarized welcome and I wouldn't mind replacing my G30's. Thanks
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    Sold  BNIB GOLF Minute (Gen2) FMJ 5.56 w/ g30 lenses

    Hello OLovers one more jewel here, the golf minute (Gen2) FMJ 5.56 frame with g30 lens, is brad new in box, don’t have defect, is perfect and came complete with matching box. SKU: 04-099 Frame 10/10 Lenses 10/10 Rubbers 10/10 Price $170 allin, shipping with tracking number and...
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    For Sale  X Metal Juliet -- Juliet sold -- lenses available

    CONUS shipping please. Frame shows small marks above right orbital and left ear stem. Rubber parts good all around. Several options available. I will take $225 for this freshly tuned J-Serial frame (thanks @zwc0442) by itself, or I can do any one of the following: Frame + custom cut and mint...
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    Found  G30, VR50, Prizm Golf, Prizm Trail - in a Wire Frame

    I'm looking for a wire frame (like a square wire maybe) with VR 50, G30, Prizm Trail, Prizm golf, or another type of lens with a high % of transmission. I want a casual frame for wearing inside without standing out too much (so no x-metals for this one). I would be interested in lenses without a...
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    g30 vs g30 iridium polarised

    What is the percentage of light transmission of g30 iridium polarised? does g30 iridium polarised have darker blue coating than g30?
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    Sold  Racing jacket Pro series dkChrm VtdG30 perms lens SKU: 04-642 #SOLD

    Hello all this time I came with racing jacket pro, the Store boy wen remove the lenses, hurt a little the chrome and is a bit peling at the top of the orbit is down and hardly see, look the pics, the glasses are new, and come complete with papers and bag, the box have a little damaged but in...