1. Tejada

    Sold Gascan S Ghost Text / Brown Tortoise

    Gascan S Ghost Text Frame in excellent condition as new, the stems are firm. Brown turtle Frame used with some slight and superficial scratches. The stems are firm. (To see photos) If you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will respond as soon as possible. Price...
  2. F

    Hello from across the pond

    Hi everyone, Currently working over in the Middle East until this Spring. Cruising around the forums, I cant help but take notice of all the folks who dedicate a lot of knowledge to the forum, so a big thanks to all of you who dediacte so much of their time here. I just picked up a pair of SI...
  3. THISGUY25

    Found Gascan S Frames

    Anybody out there have some Gascan S frames laying around you want to get rid of for a decent price? looking for any color other than tortoise or dark amber.
  4. Rotorhead

    Sold Gascan S - Brown Smoke w/G30 lens Perfect

    For sale is a pair of Gascan S in Mint condition, no flaws. Frame: Brown Smoke Lens: G30 Icon: Metal rectangular O Comes in generic box and black MF bag. Price is now Sold delivered in US. Outside of US please PM. Thanks for checking these out!
  5. L

    Oakley Gascan S vs. Gascan Small

    So... Where do I get lenses and icons for a pair of Gascan S/Gascan Small? I don't want off brand