1. The_Darkone

    Chameleon Gascans

    just wanted to give a shoutout to @SouLFuLFrog for the great custom work on my Gascans. My picture skills don't really show off the color shifting ability of these glasses and the skills of Brian. Shipping a pair out this week for another custom job.
  2. The_Darkone

    David Flores Blue Gascan Question

    I have read the forum links and discussions about serial numbers, glasses being "pulled and destroyed", and unknown number serialized/unserialized in the wild. But how do you tell the difference between First run and Second run versions of the glasses? Also why was there a second run if all the...
  3. Migs5150

    Gascans icons

    Hi everyone, I have a question. My white Gascans got knocked off my head and one of the icons popped off. I can't find it and need a replacement. I call oakley but they said I need to swap out the whole frame. Isn't there a way that I could just get a replacement I kind of tried eBay but no luck...
  4. OakleyFreak

    Asian Fit Gascans?

    Are the lens in the Asian fit Oakley Gascans different then regular Gascans? The Vault has a bunch, but they are Asian fit?