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    Sold Gascan S Ghost Text / Brown Tortoise

    Gascan S Ghost Text Frame in excellent condition as new, the stems are firm. Brown turtle Frame used with some slight and superficial scratches. The stems are firm. (To see photos) If you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will respond as soon as possible. Price...
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    Sold SPF Split Jacket Black Ghost Text frames

    Excellent condition and always kept in a hard case when not being worn. Rubbers are excellent and there are virtually no signs of wear on these frames. I've hard them for a couple of years, and as much as I LOVE the Split Jacket frame, especially the polished black and ghost text, they just...
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    Sold Split Jacket Ghost Text / OO BIP + HI Yellow

    Icon - Black Sock - Black Bolt - Metallic Grey/Black Speckled Lens - OO BIP vented Lens - Yellow vented No major blemishes to the upper + temples, the jaws have some very light wear on the inner portions which aren't apparent while worn nor on display; I've tried to best highlight them in the...
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    Sold Scalpel Black w/ Ghost Text, VR28 BIP

    Sad to say, but this pair just sees the inside of a mf bag in a drawer. Time to set them free. I customized these back in 2011 and have since put BNIB VR28 Black Iridium Polarized lenses in. I've worn them exactly 3 times since then. Well, now 4 times, counting when I literally just put them on...
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    Buying Ghost Text or History Text sunglasses . . . Gascan, Hijinx, Scapel and so on

    hello community, like the titel says . . . i‘m looking for some Ghost Text or History Text sunglasses: Gascan, Hijinx, Scapel, Straight Jacket or what you are willing to let go. please send me a PM what you have! thank you.... BTW if you have some clothing i need size Large ;)
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    For Sale Ghost Text Split Jacket w/ Transitions Clear-to-Black lens 175$

    new, with black microbag only, asking 175 USD price (negotiable) includes shipment, payment as PayPal Family&Friends
  7. theafroman

    Oil Rig - Factory Text vs. Ghost Text?

    Hi everyone, I just want to see what you guys think, what is a better frame for the Oil Rig, the factory text, or the ghost text? Factory Text: Ghost Text: