glow in the dark

  1. U

    Found Trevor Andrew "Glow in the Dark" Frogskins

    Looking to buy a pair of Trevor Andrew "Glow in the Dark" Frogskins. Offering $500.
  2. U

    Sold Trevor Andrews Glow in the dark

    Selling my Frogskins Trevor Andrews Glow in the dark. Frame 9/10 no marks at all but the arms are just not as tight as the 1st day. Lenses 10/10 (new bronze lenses) $240 shipped (usd)
  3. tigbball5

    Trevor Andrews Glow in the Dark SKU?

    So I just received a used pair of Trevor Andrews Glow in the Dark and they do not have a sku anywhere on them. It has the "trouble andrews" stamped of the inside of the right arm. Are these supposed to have a sku or not anywhere on them? Thanks.
  4. wrist

    My Third Pair Of Frogskins

    Everyone knows Im the Holbrook guy, and that will remain so. Holbrooks for life. BUT, if a sweet deals comes around for a sweet pair of Frogs, Im not gonna pass it up. As was the case with these.