golf collection

  1. B

    Camo skull golf collection

    Hi there, Really someone can help me find this range. I might be too late but I got the truckers cap of this golf range and really loved the colour combo. I wanted to at least get the polo shirt too. I emailed Oakley Australia and basically said they had no idea. See pictures attached, they’re...
  2. zoltanps

    My Oakley Golf Shoe Arsenal!

    Hey Oakley lovers, here is my small collection of Oakley Golf Shoes I have obtained in the last two years! Hope you like them! The University of Georgia Carbon Pro 2 shoes were actually made for Bubba Watson! Check out the tag! Obtained from someone who worked at HQ! The Carbon Pro 2 are...
  3. U

    Buying Golf

    looking for Oakley golf bag and club head covers. If u have any hit me up or if you know where I could find some in the U.S. all help is appreciated.
  4. M

    Help Me Identify These...

    I have a pair of Oakley's that were a gift and I need to replace the lenses. The frame is an off white/grey with a bronze ish' lens. I think they wwere a special edition military/ police frame. Can anyone identify the frame model and lens color?