1. Adam91jones

    Any Dispatch Grape for sale?

    Hi all. I’m just seeing if anyone has or wants to sell their Dispatch Grape juice? Thanks for reading
  2. U

    For Sale Oldies and goodies: Flame Straight Jackets, Sq Wire 2.0, rare Gascan, XX Twenty

    Here come a few pieces you might remember: Square Wire SH 2.0: Dark w/ Black Iridium $140 - Frame, lens, and earsocks are all in original mint condition Straight Jacket, Green Flames with Emerald $125 - Frame, lens, and earsocks in original mint condition Straight Jacket, Orange...
  3. U

    Buying Grape Gascan 12-694

    Looking to buy a BNIB or LNIB pair of grape Gascans. I missed the ones @OakManTX was selling so now I'm trolling eBay or hoping someone on here has a pair they don't need anymore.
  4. U

    Buying WTB Grape Gascan BNIB

    please send offers and Picts. Looking for a BNIB set of grape Gascans