1. U

    Sold  Grenade trophy. Great display piece!

    Up for sale is a unique chance to own your very own Oakley trophy ! This is the Grenade trophy, it’s heavy and quite big. 27cm tall and weighs 2.4kg ! Asking 550$To 450$ ( Sold ) plus shipping. I’m 80% confident it’s an authentic piece as it doesn’t have felt on bottom like the copies do...
  2. orrb_05

    On The Way...

    Being eyeing the Grenades for a while and finally found a good set at a good price.
  3. V2oak

    Grenade Matte Olive Frog, Need Some Info On This Please!

    To all frogskin guru, I need help and please shed some light on this pair. Im not a frogskin guy and I only have 2 pairs in my collection. I have done some research and I know this runs on a limited pair of 150, I will soon to have the Grenade Matte Olive pair and the number 0110 that is printed...
  4. SpliceD


    Picked these up off my local CL. Glasses are in excellent condition. Box is a little beat and missing paperwork. Does anyone know if there was any special paperwork with these or just the standard stuff? I'm really liking the matte olive paired with the Gold :cool: On a side note...
  5. kSpirit

    Sweet Retail

    Woooooohoooo!!! Just ordered a pair of olive Grenades for retail from France!! Yeah Baby!!! Stay tuned for pics.... Also, for anybody interested, they still got Turquoise 4L and Antifreeze for retail prizes at the wesc store in Lyon Maison I believe there's only one of each left, so you...
  6. eltb99

    Grenade Authenticity - Pink Bag?

    Seen some Grenade's said to be new with just a pink bag rather than the neat patterned signature green one. They seem to be fake, just wondering if anyone knows the score with the bags getting replaced with standard issue by Oakley?