1. Fernando

    For Sale Half Wire Titanium / Titanium Iridium

    Hello OF for sale this awesome Ti half wire titanium frame with titanium lenses, they are worn but in good condition, the lenses have some marks but they are still good, it comes with a rigid white case. Frame 9,5/10 Lenses 7/10 Rubbers 9/10 Price: $85 allin Paypal g&s ( PayPal fees&shipping...
  2. E

    Buying Oakley Half Wire

    Doesn’t matter if they are used, just as long as they are in good shape. Would prefer a polarized set, but am open to non-polarized as well. Send PMs if you have a pair. Thanks!
  3. Fernando

    Sold Half wire ti titanium w/ ice iridium SKU: 05-792 $140

    Hello all :) For sale this awesome and classic half wire for sale, is new only display in the tower, came complete but the box is far carbon combo, see the pics. SKU: 05-792 Condition: BNIB All Is 10/10 Price $140 Allin. #SOLD Paypal g&s, shipping with tracking number...
  4. I

    Sky Blue Mirrored Lenses Opinions?

    Sky Blue Mirrored Custom Replacement Sunglass Lenses for Oakley Half Wire 2 0 | eBay :cool-20:
  5. boff23

    Replacement Lenses for Oakley Half Wire 2.0?

    Hello people, I have a pair of half wire 2.0 with badly scratched lenses. I checked on ebay and it seems the only replacements available are non-original ones. Does anyone have experience about this?