1. E

    Buying Oakley Half Wire

    Doesn’t matter if they are used, just as long as they are in good shape. Would prefer a polarized set, but am open to non-polarized as well. Send PMs if you have a pair. Thanks!
  2. Fernando

    Sold Half wire ti titanium w/ ice iridium SKU: 05-792 $140

    Hello all :) For sale this awesome and classic half wire for sale, is new only display in the tower, came complete but the box is far carbon combo, see the pics. SKU: 05-792 Condition: BNIB All Is 10/10 Price $140 Allin. #SOLD Paypal g&s, shipping with tracking number...
  3. I

    Sky Blue Mirrored Lenses Opinions?

    Sky Blue Mirrored Custom Replacement Sunglass Lenses for Oakley Half Wire 2 0 | eBay :cool-20:
  4. boff23

    Replacement Lenses for Oakley Half Wire 2.0?

    Hello people, I have a pair of half wire 2.0 with badly scratched lenses. I checked on ebay and it seems the only replacements available are non-original ones. Does anyone have experience about this?