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    Polarized Half X lens refinish or replacement?

    Hi there, just joined the forum and am looking for help either replacing the lenses in my polarised half x's or getting the original ones recoated if its possible as they are breaking down badly -they are@ 10 years or more old? Is there anyone in the UK that could help me -I am based near...
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    For Sale X-Metal repair tool

    Used it once to rebuild my Mars. Thought I would start doing repairs for others but decided there's too much risk so I don't need it anymore. Asking $60 shipping included. U.S. only
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    Sold Half X Tungsten Iridium Lenses

    Half X Tungsten iridium lenses SKU 16-888 Light Transmission: 13% Brand new never mounted $OLD shipped CONUS
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    Sold BNIB Half X Tungsten Iridium Lenses $70

    Half X Tungsten iridium lenses SKU 16-888 SOLD
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    For Sale X-Metal Collection Sale Jordan Romeo, Jordan Mars, XX, Juliets, X Squared, Ducati, etc.

    Up for sale is several pairs of X-Metals: Romeo 1 X-Metal with Original Black Lenses. Great condition 9/10 $750 Jordan Romeo 1 Low Serial with Original Lenses in Great Condition 9/10 SOLD Mars X-metal with OEM lenses in like new condition 9/10 SOLD Jordan Mars Only displayed with original...
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    Sold Oakley HALF- X Sunglasses | X-Metal Plasma - Black Iridium POLARIZED

    For sale my brand new Oakley HALF- X Sunglasses, I bought this half x just to complete my collection but I never put them on, they are too small for me. I will consider trades as long they are Juliets, XX Metal and Square frames in the same shape, also polarized lenses, I can add money if...
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    Sold Half X Box (Small Coin)

    Half X Box (Small Coin) Box in very good condition. Damaged foam, including papers and rubbers. Price $ 100 Free shipping to USA Pay by Paypal
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    Do Half X have more than one frame colour?

    Hi everyone! New to the forum and hoping this is in the right spot. I was just wonder if Half Xs come in more than one colour. Mine were recently stolen and I’m trying to find a replacement. Depending on the lighting it is hard to tell in some pictures. Is there more than one colour of frames or...
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    Found Half X Rubbers

    Looking for 1 set of half x OEM black rubber sets. thanks for any assistance.
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    For Sale Half X New Gold Iridium and BI Lenses

    I have 1 set each. Both are new OEM and mint. 1) New gold iridium with box. Box is not mint see photo. $125 US. 2) New Black Iridium (foam only) $75 75
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    Sold Half X: Polished w/ two sets of Lenses, Box & Coin

    For Sale is a Polished Half X with Ruby Lenses and the original VR28 Black Iridium Lenses. No issues with hinges. Ruby Lenses have minor peeling on the bottom outer edges, nothing that affects vision. Frame is in excellent condition. Comes with original box and coin. $215 PayPal G&S shipped...
  12. IAMOBS

    Half X tungsten lenses $48 till midnight on oakley.com

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    For Sale Oakley X-Metals: X-squared, Penny, Half-X

    Oakley X-squared, Penny and Half-X for sale. Payment PayPal G&S. Shipping to CONUS included. Please message me if you have any questions. Thanks X-squared - Carbon Frame / 00 BIP lenses - lenses, frame, rubbers, and nose bridge are in great shape. Includes box, coin, paperwork, microfiber...
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    Sold Frame Half X Carbon

    Frame in excellent condition, without loss of paint or stripe. rubber in excellent condition. Price $ 190 pay by Paypal Free shipping to the USA
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    Buying LNIB Half X in X-Metal/Warm Grey or Romeo 2 in X-Metal/BI

    Title says it all really... let me know if anything suits. Thanks
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    Sold Kevlar Organizer, x metal vault, coin half x, case, display custom.

    oakley organizer kevlar $80 SOLD X-Metal large metal vault $130 SOLD Half-X Coin $120 Square O Case – Science Graphic 07-584. $70 Large metal vault $25 Triangular display stand polished (custom) $270 SOLD Triangular display stand (custom) $250 SOLD (the last photo was taken from the internet...
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    Buying Looking for Half X earsocks and nosebombs.

    I'm not actually sure what all colors are or were a available for these oem or otherwise!. So I'm curious what maybe out there and if anyone has any available for purchase. Thanks!
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    Sold XM Half-X $150

    for a quick sale i have a X metal finish half x with OEM fire lenses. Frame and lenses have minor marks (see pictures). Hines are still snappy, rubbers are used but have plenty of life in them. One disclaimer is the left arm does not fully open on its own and stops right before its natural...
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    Buying Oakley Half X (Polarized)

    Looking for either Carbon/BIP or Plasma/Ice Polarized Preferably new and complete, but don’t have to be. PM me with details. Thanks!
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    For Sale Two pairs of Half X NIB

    I'm looking to sell two pairs of brand new in box Half X... Carbon/Black Iridium- Sold Plasma/Ice Polarized- Sold They're complete with box,coin, bag and
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    Sold Half X Plasma w/Ice Iridium Polarized 12-946

    Frame in excellent condition! (9/10) The left lens etched "Polarized" is perfect, while the right lens has two tiny marks (9.5/10) The 4 screws that hold together the hinges and the lenses were replaced with new ones from @scienergy (OMX Parts) Left hinge goes a bit farther than the right one...
  22. Murph1219

    Tell me about the Half-X

    Title sums it up. Seems to be quite a few BNIB pairs on ebay for what seems like a reasonable price. When we're they produced? Size comparison to a Juliet? Anything else helpful? Thanks, Greg.
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    Found Found

  24. xmetal40

    Names for the X-Metal frames: anyone know intel regarding how they came up with these names?

    I'm sure this will not be an easy subject to garner information, but I'm quite curious.
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    Buying Oakley Half X Rubbers

    Looking for a set of Oakley Half X Stem covers and nose pads please PM if anyone has a set Thanks a ton in advance Josh
  26. joecool862

    Stripped Half X orbital screw

    Hey guys, so I got a half x super cheap and was removing the lenses to clean them. The right orbital screw had a partially stripped head. I was able to get it out with my wiha T6 but the screw head doesn't look the best and part of the screw is actually a little bent. My question is, are the...
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    Buying 1 or 2 small screws - Half - x

    looking for a small screw for the half-x frame. Xman was able to remove stripped one but didnt have one available. Unsure where to get one. figured someone here would know. I don't think its that unique but am unsure. Any info or actual screws laying about let me know. thanks!
  28. Deckdude

    Comfort advice

    Hey guys, I'm looking at getting a pair of xmetal for daily use. I'm currently interested in badman & half x. Does anyone here have any advice on what is more comfortable? I have tried on badman but I haven't tried half x on, I personally like the design of half x better.
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    Sold Half X Coin

    Only the coin
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    Sold Mars and Half-X Coins (X-Metal Old Style)

    Selling the the coins pictured below. Asking ***Sold*** for each Mars coin and ****SOLD**** Half-X coin. These prices include CONUS shipping only. These coins have the normal factory scratches or imperfections.