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    Sold  BNIB Half X Tungsten Iridium Lenses

    Half X Tungsten iridium lenses Bronze Base Lens SKU 16-888 Comes with original box and soft pouch $75 Shipped CONUS
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    Deal  HalfX Polished VR28 Black Iridium COMPLETE

    New complete Half X Not a smudge on it. $330.00 >$300.00 Shipped CONUS Will be nicely packed and shipped USPS and fully insured. PM's please if interested. Thanks all.

    Half X tungsten lenses $48 till midnight on oakley.com

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    Sold  HalfX Xmetal w/ warm grey #SOLD & juliet plasma w/ ice 1st gen #SOLD

    Hello all a friend has given me these two frames, he wants to sell, they are used, but they still have many joys to give to their new owner, he wants to sell them together because it makes them sad to separate them.... I can only put 15 photos, by the limitation of the forum, I send more photos...
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    Sold  More metals: HalX (sold), LNIB juliet Ducati, bnib Xsquared polished vr28

    Hello all for sale this metals. 1) HalfX carbon w/ black Iridium polarized SKU: 12-945 Condition LNIB All 10/10 Like new and partial complete, only missing the outside of the box that are two pieces Price $350 #SOLD 2) Xsquared polished w/ vr28 black Iridium polarized SKU: OO6011-05...
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    Sold  Nice little Half-X batch-weekend price drop

    Hi Everyone, I bought these a couple months ago - no box or coin, just the glasses and they are a bit too small for my face. Pleasantly surprised, the carbon frame, hinges and rubbers are tight and flawless. The previous owner my have rested the glasses on the lens as I can barely notice...
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    Sold  Mars and Half-X Coins (X-Metal Old Style)

    Selling the the coins pictured below. Asking ***Sold*** for each Mars coin and ****SOLD**** Half-X coin. These prices include CONUS shipping only. These coins have the normal factory scratches or imperfections.
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    Sold  BNIBWD HalfX plasma w/ ice iridium polarized #SOLD

    Hi all, for sale mi Halfx plasma frame with ice polarized lenses, They are complete and new from factory , the right lens inside has a stress crack Beside the screw , but does not affect vision or see once put, see The pictures. Condition: BNIB with defect All Is New Frame...
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    Sold  HalfX Carbon with New Gold Iridium Lenses * SOLD *

    Hi O-family for sale this HalfX Carbon frame with new emerald iridium lenses I put on sale because I have two repeated, get it in a trade from other user member, frame is perfect dont have scrachers, the rubbers are used but in perfect condition lenses are new, no scratches or wear marks, came...
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    Sold  WTS Half X Carbon black iridium polarized #SOLD

    A friend closed his store and had this beauty in the window, has a small spot on one of the lenses but does not affect vision, you can see perfectly in the picture, frame is new and all never use is perfect, come with coin, putme for any questions you have. He hask 220usd Thanks for look...