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    Sold  Polished Juliet Frame

    Up for sale is a Juliet Polished Frame with Hammerstems in good condition. OEM Juliet Polished No SKU Perfect for a daily wear Tight nose bridge The temples/hinges screws are stripped on both sides but the stems are tight and work as they should. I don't have time to send it to Zach for...
  2. P

    Sandblasted or Polished?

    Hi Guys! I’m new to Oakley and I found XMetal my choice of collection and I want to hear your opinions guys. I got this Juliet Hammerhead Polished with a JG serial number and it badly needs overhaul and have lots of scratches. Should I have it sandblasted or retain to its serial’s model?
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    Deal  Bronze plates for Juliet polished

    Ok so I’ve decided to see if anyone wants to trade my Plates for a Polished Juliet (Hammerstems and serialized preferred) frames. The low down on mine. They aren’t perfect but a really great pair. They have a couple areas where the paint is missing. The left lense has one tiny micro scratch...
  4. Bonz-1

    Bonz Custom Boneyard

    @Chris515000 said I needed to do a post of some of the stuff I have done so I'm finally going to bite the bone and do it lol !! I love looking at what everyone else is doing and have collected Oakley's for probably 20 years !! You are truly a great group of people !! I have been alone all these...
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    Buying  Polished Juliet frame (tight nosebridge), mint condition. Lens optional

    Hello looking for polished juliet frame with the hammerstems. Would like the in 9/10 condition, with factory tight nosebridge. Lenses are optional, dont have to be included. Please let me know what you guys have, ship to southern california, USA. Thank you.