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  1. U

    Buying Looking for Oakley Hardshell backpack

    Been a lurker for a while, learning more about Oakley. Really into some of their backpacks from this era - looking for this specific hardshell backpack. Will pay well! And securely (G&S). Reach out. Thanks!
  2. V

    Ridgeline Case options

    I have just purchased a pair of Oakley ridgelines and I’m looking to purchase a hard case for them. I have looked on the oakley Australia site and none of the cases are listed to fit the Ridgeline model. What do you guys go with, and what model of cases would be suitable
  3. R

    Just picked this up! Haven’t seen anything like it?

    Hi all! Picked this up on eBay recently! Have never seen an Oakley Olympic hard case like this before! Any ideas when and where this is from? Thanks
  4. U

    Sold Science Fuel Cell Matte Black with Violet Iridium

    We have a Science Fuel Cell Matte Black with Violet Iridium lenses. Original box, soft bag and paperwork. In addition, a Science hard case. Asking for $110 including shipping- US only
  5. U

    Sold XX X-metal with bi lenses and hard case

    XX X-Metal with oem bi lenses for sale. Non serialized These have been my main wear pair for the last couple months, nose bridge is tight- Xman did them late last year-in a great condition. - Frame: minimal signs of wear, very tight 9/10 - Lenses also very good Oem bi - 9/10. right side lens...
  6. U

    Sold Display items combo

    Metal hard case with original foam, used only for display. + 7 pop card holder $180 shipped (Awaiting payment)
  7. U

    Sold BNIB Complete NYC Fuel Cell Set

    Selling a complete NYC Fuel Cell setup, Glasses are brand new and never worn(took out of box to take pictures), no scratches, dents, dings, bruises, blemishes etc. Also includes the square O NYC case and matching micro fiber bag. The glasses I have the original box for but no box for the hard...
  8. U

    Buying WTB: Oakley Infinite Hero Camo Hard Case

    being a old vet.. (get off my lawn) i just came across this. I dont think i knew there was a hard case for IH. maybe i forgot. in any case.. looking for one. let me know whatcha' got. thanks. /beans
  9. The_Darkone

    Infinite Hero 15Camo Case

    I picked this case up today. I had not seen this one before. I have the microbags and the the other case with metal IFH logo so figured I would get this one as well.
  10. rory

    Oakley Square Wire 2.0 hard case?

    I recently picked up a pair of these Square Wires from ebay. They're great shades, but came with no case obviously. I've got some of Oakley's bigger square cases, but they're too large and these glasses rattle around in them. Any suggestions on a better case from other Square Wire owners...
  11. GH4AU

    Ferrari Tincan Carbon: No Hard Case?

    Soooo... I received my Ferrari Tincan Carbon today and when I picked up the box, it felt awfully light. I just knew something was missing. I opened it up and found the sunglasses inside a Ferrari microfiber bag, but there was no red Ferrari hard case. I was a bit perturbed to say the least...