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    For Sale  Large Trade or Sale - Artist Series Hatchets Doubletap Killswitch Carbon Prime Madman Shoes Bunker Money Clip Uncommon, Collection Level Pieces

    7/11: **Open to individual sales** and will update as items are sold Looking back over this list i will update some of the prices, it was a little overwhelming pulling everything together I'm looking for a trade first, so a trade will take precedence over a straight up sale. I know I'm asking...
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    Sold  Hatchet Raw (Vr28, Ice)

    Raw / Vr28 Frame in very good condition, functional hinges, firm stems, tires in excellent condition. lenses with some slight scratches 8/10 Price $ 140 Raw/Ice Frame in very good condition, functional hinges, firm stems, tires in excellent condition. lenses with some slight scratches 8.5/10...
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    Sold  Bnib Hatchet Ducati

    Bnib Hatchet Ducati, has all documents and bag all matching, has small crease on box. Never used only displayed. Looking for 450$> 400$ plus 20$ international shipping. Pm If you have any questions or need extra pics. Thanks for checking!! No trades atm , cheers!
  4. Rafael Moura

    Small Flak 2.0 Nose Bombs Serve in Hatchet

    Just to share information that may interest some who, like me, had this question. I had bought it at the Mercado Livre (Brazil) for a very good price, a Hatchet Pewter, but the nose rubbers were missing. After a lot of talking with friends here at the Forum, I had some answers that "maybe"...
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    Sold  Pewter Hatchet Beater/Parts Frame

    I tried replacing the bump stops myself by using a razr wire beater donor, which wasn't smart since one broke during install. While the other broke while taking these photos... Which was just wonderful! Cosmetically the frame are pretty good shape, most wear is on the interior of the hinge area...
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    Buying  Oakley Hatchet Pewter / Black Iridium

    Looking for a good condition Hatchet in Pewter / Black Iridium. Let me know, Thanks! ;)
  7. U

    Buying  Hatchet Ducati red socks and MF bag.

    Hi All, as the title states, looking for the red Ducati socks for the Hatchet and the Ducati MF bag. I know it's a super long shot on the socks but.... let me know if you have a pair you are willing to part with and a price. Thanks
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    Sold  Oakley Hatchet - Carbon / Black Iridium Polarized

    Gently used. No scratches on the lens and frame seems fine. Rubbers are perfect. Comes with original box and microfiber. $140 CONUS.
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    Buying  Oakley Hatchet Carbon/BIP

    anyone have a pair they would be willing to sell? New or used is fine. Thanks!
  10. joecool862

    Hatchet Replacement Rubbers

    So I've searched the forum and found some info on Hatchet frame replacement rubber but haven't seen anything clear about what other rubbers can work for the stems and nose pads. I understand OEM is nearly impossible to find, so what other options do we have?
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    For Sale  O-matter sale (added frames)

    1. Flak jacket $85 $70 SOLD! 2. Half-jacket 2.0 $80 $65 SOLD! 3. Canteen $85 $65 SOLD! 3. Triggerman $70 SOLD! 4. Radarlock $75 $55 SOLD!no box or case (lenses have minor marks nothing major) 5. Xx black rubbers $20 SOLD (o matter) 6. Pewter/BI hatchet $ 100 SOLD! . Frame, rubbers, hinges are...
  12. Brian24Xmetal

    Hatchet Wire...which would you buy?

    Just looking for input....There are a couple pairs of Hatchet Wires that I'm looking at....one is the darker color (seller lists it as pewter) with titanium clear lenses....I am looking to wear these as an alternative to my Juliets (to preserve the Juliets). The other pair is raw O-Luminum with...
  13. mtgrizoak

    Oakley Hatchet Replacement Rubber Parts

    So, I've recently been trying to find rubber parts for the hatchet. They don't exist. Other models have close fits, but it seems a shame that such a great pair of sunglasses has no after market. I emailed walleva asking them to start producing rubbers for the hatchet. I got a response, but I'm...