1. U

    Buying  Looking for Bruce Iron Hawaii Hijinx!!

    Aloha Everyone, Looking for a good price for a Bruce Iron Hawaii edition! Please let me know if your willing part with it! It will be cherished with me!! Much Mahaloz LeLe
  2. U

    Buying  Hawaii Fuel Cell

    Looking for a pair of the Hawaii Fuel cells. Appreciate any help!
  3. U

    Buying  Hawaii Fuel Cell

    looking for a Hawaii Fuel Cell and Hawaii Case
  4. OakleyLewis74

    Oakley Holbrook and other questions.

    Hello I am new to the group and I have a few questions. I am a decent Oakley collector. I love Oakley. I have a few questions about a couple of my pairs. I have a pair of Holbrooks with Hawaii Icons but they seem to be custom because they don't have a sku on them. They are legit Holbrooks but I...
  5. U

    Sold  BNIB Polarized Hawaii Frogskins

    Selling a BNIB pair of Polarized Hawaii Frogskins. Just picked them up yesterday and took them out of box for pictures. The box does have a few creases I guess from being shipped to store. My local Vault had them for some reason and they were flying out the door via people calling in for...
  6. The_Darkone

    Question on Hawaii Frogskins

    Why are people going crazy over these things? Insane price on e-Bay and when I was at the Vault calls kept coming in for them