1. LeLe33

    Buying Looking for Bruce Iron Hawaii Hijinx!!

    Aloha Everyone, Looking for a good price for a Bruce Iron Hawaii edition! Please let me know if your willing part with it! It will be cherished with me!! Much Mahaloz LeLe
  2. sporter804

    Buying Hawaii Fuel Cell

    Looking for a pair of the Hawaii Fuel cells. Appreciate any help!
  3. Jens

    Buying Hawaii Fuel Cell

    looking for a Hawaii Fuel Cell and Hawaii Case
  4. OakRaven

    Oakley Holbrook and other questions.

    Hello I am new to the group and I have a few questions. I am a decent Oakley collector. I love Oakley. I have a few questions about a couple of my pairs. I have a pair of Holbrooks with Hawaii Icons but they seem to be custom because they don't have a sku on them. They are legit Holbrooks but I...
  5. The_Darkone

    Sold BNIB Polarized Hawaii Frogskins

    Selling a BNIB pair of Polarized Hawaii Frogskins. Just picked them up yesterday and took them out of box for pictures. The box does have a few creases I guess from being shipped to store. My local Vault had them for some reason and they were flying out the door via people calling in for...
  6. The_Darkone

    Question on Hawaii Frogskins

    Why are people going crazy over these things? Insane price on e-Bay and when I was at the Vault calls kept coming in for them