1. U

    Sold HQ Storefront Bunker #191/500

    Selling my bunker storefront #191 of 500. Its a bunker, not much else to say about it. Haha A few scuffs on the card board box. Serial number card has a couple dents. Asking $220>$old shipped USPS, PayPal G&S, CONUS only please. Thank You for looking
  2. U

    Buying OAKLEY COINS PLEASE . . .

    hello community, i'm looking for the Oakley Coins . . . i borrowed some pics from our members
  3. Aarron

    Oakley Bunker for sale on ebay for you hardcore collectors

    Oakley display rare x-metal HQ Bunker No 212/500 BNWT FREE P+P £275
  4. CrazyALee

    My (good experience) trip to HQ today =)

    Aside from all the crazy traffic (to avoid toll roads and paying one-time fees, etc), I decided to head out to HQ today. its about an hour away. My main goal was to get one of my juliets tightened up. So I went to the walk-in-warranty, and asked if they still did juliet tune-ups (since theres...