1. U

    For Sale  Pro M Frames

    What’s going on OF fam. Got three Pro Ms for sale. One is a yellow with black icons and socks new condition worn once lens is scratch free no blemishes at all. The lens is a gold iridium heater. Second is a polished black white icons white socks. New condition never work or left my house has...
  2. U

    Found  New M frames and/Heater lenses

    Hey OF Show me what you got..for sale. Looking for a Snow/White camo M frame specifically. Just looking for the frame. http://www.o-review.com/database_detail_colorway.php?ID=529&table_name=glasses If anybody has any other new M Frames or Heater lenses they wouldn't mind parting with...
  3. U

    Sold  M Frame New Blue / +Red Heater

    M-Frame | New Blue | +Red Heater 04/11/00 SOLD Comes with microfiber baggy + zipper vault case Lens has a few nicks and scratch lines, as well as those web-like lines that tend to only appear upon viewing the lens at a certain angle not obstructive/visible under normal use. They...
  4. U

    For Sale  M frame Red Iridium Heater and Gold Iridium Heater

    M frame Gold Iridium heater and red iridium heater . No scratches on the Gold . Lens condition of Gold: 9/10. Red Iridium: 7/10 Price: 105 usd for both including shipping.
  5. U

    Deal  M-Frame: VR28 Blue, +Red, Ice Iridium

    On the search for some M-Frame lenses VR28 Blue Iridium - New Hybrid | Sweep | Heater | Gen.2 Hybrid G30 Iridium - New Hybrid | Heater Fire Iridium - New Hybrid | Sweep | Heater | Gen.2 Hybrid Polarized Gold Iridium - Heater +Red (FOUND) Ice Iridium (FOUND) Condition wise want it to...
  6. U

    For Sale  Original M-Frame OEM replacement lenses - LAST & ONLY CHANCE

    Brand new, old stock lenses for M-Frames. This is the last and only chance offer from my Oakley connections before they're written off and destroyed forever Offer ends in 48 hours from this post date. Limited quantities, first come first served. Most lenses come in original retail packaging...
  7. U

    Sold  M Frame Array- Root Beer/Sweep/Heater

    For Sale: SKU: OO9059-01 M Frame: Frame: Root Beer Lens (2): Grey Sweep, Gold Iridium Heater, nosepiece with root beer on inside Includes: Array Vault, extra nose piece, mf bag, original box All pieces are Oakley and Brand new, except Gold Lens, which looks new, no scratches. Price is $SOLD...
  8. oldYeti

    Anybody An Old Catalogue Saver?

    Is there anyone here who saved old Oakley catalogues from the 1990s, or has any other way to get information on part numbers? The part numbers are 85-216 and 75-221. Can anybody identify these parts? Hint: they are lens numbers, so does anybody know the lens tints for these numbers? Does...
  9. U

    Buying  WTB an m frame G26 lens

    is there anyone in this forum want to sell an m frame(any lens shape) G26 lens?
  10. U

    Buying  M-Frame Heater lens

    Would anybody have any M-Frame Heater lenses they'd let go? I'm looking for either emerald, fire, or positive red? LMK know asap.
  11. U

    Buying  M-Frame Heater lens

    Please let me know if you have any M-Frame heater lens available asap.
  12. U

    Buying  M-Frame Lens

    Anybody have any M-Frame len's? Preferably heater lens and not black. PM me ready to buy.
  13. U

    Buying  M-Frames

    Looking for some newer M-Frames with some Heater lens. Let me know what you got?