1. JWLNY

    Oakley Medusa w/ Rare Goggles Size Large

  2. Jonahisonfire

    How much should I sell my Oakley Medusa Helmet size L With Goggles And Drawstring Carry Bag for?

    What is a reasonable asking price for the helmet, the goggles and the bag in this condition?
  3. S

    Aro5 Size

    Hello everyone. I want to buy one Oakley Aro5 helmet. I wanted to buy Katusha alpecin aro5 ,because that red colour is HOT, but only small size in stock. So, dimension data is the only option now, but only medium size in stock. Will medium size fit perfectly? I have never used oakley helmets...
  4. U

    Buying Any motorsport/racing gear

    Mostly looking for shoes, I wear size 11.5-12 normally but I dont know how the race shoes fit. Also curious about any gloves, fire suits, helmets that. Most likely looking for size L. Thank you
  5. T

    MOD 5 - Little bored the other day

    Found some color changing paint from a previous job! Stephen Alvarez on Instagram: “Wet #Oakley #winterready #cantstop #mod5 #oakleymod5 #oakleysnowboarding”
  6. U

    Sold Oakley Flight Deck Beanie, Black

    Hi, I decided to sell one of my Flight Deck Beanies. This one was used twice. So there are minimal marks on the hardcovers. Most of the time it was displayed on a shadow head in one of my cabinets. Please see the photos attached. One size fits all. I'm asking SOLD US $ - including PayPal...
  7. rml0015

    MX Helmet and Boot Recommendations.

    Hey Guys and Gals, I've recently aquire a new (to me) KTM. It's my third off road bike among other atv's and such. Anyhow, I've never before worn gear when I ride and mostly escaped injury. I would like to think of myself as a tad wiser now and want to know from you some good or bad experiences...
  8. Mits0108

    Oakley Mod 3 Mod 5 release date?

    Any clue to when these are to be released?
  9. U

    Buying Oakley Flight Deck Helmet - with working headphones and preferably boxed

    Show me what you got! Thanks.