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  1. Long.Away.May

    More references to my help post

    Please help me identify these even if they aren’t oakleys
  2. Long.Away.May


    CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME IDENTIFY THESE SUNGLASSES!!!!!!! I was told they might be m frames. They could even be off brand. I have other resources if needed but I’ve looked everywhere for a year now and nothing. If anyone even has a pair I’ll buy them off you
  3. jwrski

    Hello there… I’m new to this great place and hope someone can help me to identify my Oakley sunglasses!)

    I believe it’s Oakley Straight Jacket 1st Gen glasses. But it would be wonderful to get some more info about this beautiful pair. Probably someone could say if they are 100% authentic and how called their colorway. Looks like Rootbeer but I guess it can be another one..
  4. E

    Searching for Oakley Razorblades OO9140-08

    I saw these Razorblades listed on ebay a few days ago. I wasn't able to snatch them in time and was wondering where else I can find these. The listing ended, but the stem of the glasses had the SKU number OO9140-08. These are the only ones I've seen in this color and cannot find these anywhere...