1. U

    For Sale Radar Infinte Hero

    Hi guys, I'm selling my whole Oakley Radar collection (about 12 different limited editions). All of them are 100% authentic and in perfect/new condition. Here I am offering a brand new, unworn pair of Radar Infinite Hero. Including soft and hard case, spare nosepiece, badge and all the rest...
  2. U

    For Sale Limited Ed. Fuel Cells among others!

    Hey all, I'm looking to thin out my collection a bit: London Fuel Cell OO9096-58 w/ bag and box---- 9/10 barley worn, no significant scratches or marks on frame. Polished black does tend to show more marks than usual IMO. Very little if any marks or scratches on lenses. $110 Ducati Fuel Cell...
  3. SMman

    My 12 Year Old Daughter's Infinite Hero Frogs

    My son has been wearing Frogskins for a couple of years (aspen green/emerald iridium & polished black LX/polarized black iridium), so it was time to get my daughter a pair. She loves purple but isn't a girlie girl, so I chose the carbon frame with violet iridium lenses. Even though she said...
  4. Zoll

    GDK Fuel Cell

    GDK Fuel Cell (in German: Gemeinschaft Deutscher Kommandosoldaten), which means Community of German Commandosoldiers, Matte Black / Jade Iridium / Green Design OO9096-D2, 500 pieces were made, German project like the Infinite Hero, 10% of every purchase will be donated to the GDK which supports...
  5. bean323

    Serial Numbers on Juliet's - means?

    Hi, i see a lot of selling items and i am sure that the serial numbers play an important part of the value. (does this only apply to metals? ) anything i can read to get more information or is it just comb through posts? thanks in advance and i think i just got suxed into another black...