1. theclub27

    Looking to fix my Oakley Spike Hinges.

    Looking to fix my Oakley Spike Hinges. They just fall and are so loose. The screw is tightened all the way.. Originally these arms would not touch the lens, but there was a small bump that prevented this, but that got worn off. I think that was an issue with these. Any ideas would help...
  2. cacatman

    🦘Disassemble/Repair Guides for Hinges etc of Oakley Sunglasses

    Last updated 12th May, 2021 by @cacatman Disassembly Badman Hinge Carbon Blades Display Case Hinges (@RonkPM) FMJ Watch (all the parts) @Medusa50 Half Jacket Half X and Hinge Repair. Best “how-to”by @StG here. Hatchet Wire Spring Repair (@Serhat) and here (@Scarface) Holbrook (@SoulFulFrog)...