holbrook 24k

  1. U

    Sold Moto GP Black Camo/Prizm 24k Iridium Polarized Holbrook NEW!

    Sold Moto GP Black Camo/Prizm 24k Iridium Polarized Holbrook NEW!
  2. U

    For Sale Goldbrook 24k Shaun White BNIB

    My first time back to the forum in TOO long. Sadly, I’m clearing out some pieces of my collection, and here is my favorite of it all. Shaun White Holbrook “Goldbrook” FMJ 24k. Never worn, rarely taken out of the box. Plastic sleeves kept on the stems, all original paperwork. Outer box is 9/10 ...
  3. ChinoTJ

    Santa arrived earlier, take a look

    I want to share whith the Fórum my latest adquisitions from this weekend, Santa arrived ealier then i espected it, here is what i got: A Pit Boss II, Polished Black, VR 28 Black Iridium Polarized A Spike, Polished Black VR 28 Black Iridium, i am not sure if it is Polarized also A Júpiter...
  4. U

    Sold GOLDBROOK 375$

    selling goldbrook glasses+case+ mf only SOLDOBO!!plus 20$ shipping. Glasses 9.5/10 case 7/10 mf 9/10. Case has scrape inside the icon + general wear throughout. Send message with questions. Thanks for checking! OBO!!