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    Sold  Pre-Ordering Thailand TP12 Frogskins and Holbrooks

    Update: As of Sep 4, 2017 the Pre-Order is Closed. People on the list will received a PM for the down payment as the O Store is requesting to secure the frame. Disclose of Premium set: Have to disclose as we will not be getting the premium set, because those set will be "available Only at the...
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    For Sale  A few customs and others [HOLBROOKS!!!!]

    Skate decks are used but in new condition( this one is not an exciting one). . (No box or matching bag).. 120 Ink fade Holbrook non polar chrome 110 or I can change to something else. Chameleon purple/blue sapphire most lenses available (new) Neon with fire 160 Gold and black distress...
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    Buying  Rio Holbrooks

    looking for a pair of 2016 rio olympics Holbrooks. Anyone selling a pair or know where I can get my hands on some?
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    Sold  Hoolbrook - new w/ Polished Black and Blue Prizm

    Hi, available is PRIZM DEEP H2O POLARIZED on a Polished Black Frame - Icons match lens color. Shipped for SOLD, including overseas for a change.
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    Sold  LNWOB American Heritage Holbrooks

    Selling a LNWOB pair of American Heritage Holbrooks, only listing this way because were on a Oakley Display stand. Glasses are new never worn, no scratches, dings, bumps, or bruises. I have searched high and low for the box but can't seem to find it. Comes with original "We the People" microbes...