1. T

    Oakley Holeshot

    My strap just busted but I LOVE my watch. Been wearing it daily for years. Does anyone know if there is a place to get a replacement strap or if a generic model exists that will fit it? Thanks for the help!!
  2. Lars

    Buying GMT, Holeshot and time bomb links

    Now I am looking for Holeshot band and Bracelet please pm me with what you got. Can always work out a trade if that is wanted. Hi I am in need of a few GMT links. Or complete bracelet. Please pm me with what you got. Pickture to show colour. Can also trade even for Time bomb F serial links.
  3. Rotorhead

    Sold black face Holeshot w/ Unobtanium band

    For Sale is a used, black face, holeshot watch with an Unobtanium band. Case has very few scratches, with most on the back. Totally functional except the long chrono hand is stuck on :07. The Band is fine except the tear in the little keeper. Comes in a plain Oakley Watch Box. Please see...
  4. Rotorhead

    Sold 10th Mountain Div. Holeshot Watch-SPF

    For Sale is a slightly used 10th Mountain Division Holeshot. One hundred percent functional, both case and band. Very minimal wear...8.5/10. Comes with Leather Box. $sold Delivered USA. Thanks for looking!
  5. Rotorhead

    Buying Holeshot SS / rubber Bracelet

    Hello OF, I am desperately seeking a stainless steel / rubber bracelet for the Holeshot Watch. New or Used, and Will buy with or without case. Any colorway. Please send PM with what you have and price. Thanks! Example Picture:
  6. The_Darkone

    Sold Holeshot Black/Yellow Face w/ Rubber Strap

    Selling a lightly used holeshot chronograph. There are some scratches around the bezel and what looks to be a nick just below the crown. It’s hard to capture them in a photo. There are also some scratches on the back casing. Happy to send a video if needed. The band and clasp look to be in...
  7. Millertime2598

    For Sale 10th Mountain Division Holeshot

    For sale is a new in box 10th Mountain Division Holeshot. Watch is essentially brand new; only issue is the battery is dead. Apparently it's just been sitting in storage. Please let me know if you have any questions. $415 shipped.
  8. The_Darkone

    Sold 10th Mountain Holeshot Watch - Used

    Selling a 10th Mountain Holeshot. It is used. It has a few nicks around the bezel and scratches on the backing. There is also a spot where the jeweler caught the edge of the back and scraped a little of the black paint off when replacing the battery. It comes with the 10th Mountain outer and...
  9. Zoll

    For Sale Watches

    Up for sale today I have a BNIB Stealth holeshot $250 BNIB Black dial transfer case Sold BNIB Stealth fuse box Sold Shipped CONUS
  10. Maning


    Im looking for a complete holeshot black dial (not stealth and not necessarily mint) with SS band to be traded with my 9/10 complete Juliet IH. HMU (thru pm) if you have one to offer. thanks
  11. marcio_RS

    Holeshot Red Bull Racing

    Hi guys, a friend have this holeshot, with redbull racing logo on the face and engravings on caseback. Any info about this edition? Thanks!
  12. The_Darkone

    Sold ***Weekend Price Drop***BNIB Holeshot Stealth Version w/ Ubo Strap

    Selling a BNIB never worn Stealth Holeshot w/ Ubo strap. Please see below Asking $300 G&S or OBO. As you can tell from the pictures this watch is in perfect condition.
  13. The_Darkone

    Sold ***Price Drop***BNIB Holeshot Blue Dial w/ Ubo Strap

    Selling BNIB never worn Holeshot, please see below. This Holeshot has the Blue dial w/ Chronograph and Ubo strap. As you can see from pictures in brand new condition Asking $350 G&S or OBO.
  14. J

    Titanium Gearbox 400$ from Oakley.com: GOOD Deal?

    Guys, i have the 60% off coupon with me and have never bought an Oakley watch before and after taxes and discounts, this Oakley Titanium Gearbox | Official Oakley Store is available for 400$. But then if i go to Oakleyvault.com, there are Oakley Gearbox | Official Oakley Store (NON-titanium)...
  15. paff

    Buying Holeshot unobtainium replacement strap

    As the title says. I'm looking for a Holeshot watch unobtainium replacement strap with buckle. If You have one or know of any please let me know. Thanks.
  16. lawman0210

    Oakley Holeshot losing time

    I just bought a second hand hoelshot. I first set the time and after a few days noticed it was off by several minutes. I had the chronograph hand moving in time with my second hand and thought maybe the added stress on the system caused the time function t9 lose time. I then turned the...
  17. Oakley for life

    My Oakley Watch Collection

    Here is my collection! It isn't as big or nice as some of the other ones on here, but I really enjoy seeing and collecting the watches that Oakley makes! TB I TBII Hollow Point D1 Judge I MM with Blk Unobtainium band Custom White on White Holeshot Black Detonator 12 Gauge Carbon Kill Switch...