holiday oil rig

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    Buying Searching for a couple Artist Series Pairs and some 2009 Holiday stuff.

    Well... for those of you that remember me.... I'm Back! Trying to get back into the game. Going for a second complete Artist series (Minus the Petterson Frogs for the second set, for now!). Also, a second 2009 Holiday Oil Rig set w/banner. Need to track down these Artist Series sets: Naomi...
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    For Sale Frost blue holiday oilrig.Price reduction

    Complete set with box. Comes with original lenses that have marks 7/10 not in line of sight and a new iceblue polarized aftermarket lens. Frame is immaculate no marks but 9/10 to be safe. 250$ ->235$ with 2 lenses plus shipping. ( traded ) Pm with any questions. Thanks for checking!
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    What does everybody think?

    So, someone on my local C-list has a pair of the holiday Oil-rigs. (Matte Clear with Ice) with a CF case. She has them listed for $75. Only seen three on e-Bay of that colorway at the moment. She says they were very seldomly worn, and that there are not any visible scratches on the glasses that...