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    Buying  Hollowpoint watches

    Looking for any and all hollowpoints - mint condition, beaters and everything in between!! All colours wanted so hit me up if you want to part with any! I have a few purchases through here so far with feedback but also a bunch more on my eBay if you need more proof I’m a legit buyer (dibst*r on...
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    Buying  Buying various oakley watches: Blade / GMT / Minute Machines / Hollowpoints

    Looking for all blade / MM / GMT / hollowpoint watches Especially interested in: Blade with metal strap - red / silver GMT silver / Stealth MM - yellow / red Hollowpoint - any Also interested in parts for oakley blades / GMTs : straps (metal only) / links / faces / rubber bits Looking to buy...
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    Buying  Oakley Hollowpoint

    Greetings O’holics. I’m looking for a gently used complete kit Hollowpoint. Prefer Orange, but will consider any other dial color so long as it’s a complete kit (Box/Papers/Watch running condition) I’ve shifted my collection of watches to vintage Seiko and other cool things, so a...
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    For Sale  Large Trade or Sale - Artist Series Hatchets Doubletap Killswitch Carbon Prime Madman Shoes Bunker Money Clip Uncommon, Collection Level Pieces

    7/11: **Open to individual sales** and will update as items are sold Looking back over this list i will update some of the prices, it was a little overwhelming pulling everything together I'm looking for a trade first, so a trade will take precedence over a straight up sale. I know I'm asking...
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    For Sale  zcrxsi's 3D Printed OEM Style Watch Stands

    Up for sale are some OEM style 3D printed watch stands (printed to order). Each stand comes with two loops (original large/thin and a small/thick). The large/thin loop is the same dimensions and will fit the same watches as the OEM loops. I have over 40 colors to choose from $12 each...
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    Deal  Able to fix, decided to keep. Mods, please close thread

    I am listing my Black Face Hollowpoint for sale. The pin in the clasp fell out and was unable to successfully put it back in. No jeweler was able to fix it either. My 21’st is coming up and my brother is taking me to Hard Rock and just want some extra money. Two big case links, seven medium...
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    Buying  Blue face Minute Machine or orange face Hollowpoint

    Hello O brothers and O sisters! As the title says, I am looking for either a blue face Minute Machine or an orange face Hollowpoint, for a reasonable price. You would be shipping it to Washington DC. Please shoot me a PM with what you have. Thanks!
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    Sold  Hollowpoint Black Face Watch

    Selling a gently used HP w/ black face. The are some scratches on the band, clasp, and around the bezel. The crystal has no marks. The watch comes with the black pelican style case and an outer white sleeve. ***NOTE*** The outer white sleeve is for a HP w/ an orange dial. When I purchased the...
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    Deal  red Hollowpoint, 99% complete. Perfect movement.

    selling or possibly trading for a -great- item . I have a very clean, complete hollowpoint red. Might be missing one link at most. The cardboard is matching. The inner cardboard doesn’t match outer but fits the wooden display. Comes with manual and all the new boxes had. Only one negative is...
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    Sold  Bundle of Oakley Pop Cards

    Selling a bundle of pop cards. All pop cards pictured are included as part of the bundle. Will not spit the bundle. Someone can buy the bundle and do that if they like. Please see the pictures below for the cards included in the bundle. There should be 66 of them. Asking $73 for all of them...
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    Sold  White Face Hollowpoint Watch

    White face, no box or white sleeve, comes in a ballistic nylon case. I really can't find any scratches on it but I'm sure there are some hiding. I only wore it 2-3 times. The battery is dead because I apparently didn't pull the crown. Looking for $860 USD or I can get the battery replaced and...
  12. The_Darkone

    A little time from the Darkside

    It doesn't really matter what time it is on the Darkside because once you enter you are never leaving :vinsent: but thought I would share a few pieces I have collected from the poor souls who have entered...... Just waiting on a few more guests to arrive
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    Buying  Hollowpoint Red Dial

    Looking to pick one up. If anyone has one to let go PM me and we can figure something out price wise. Thanks!
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    For Sale  Bottle Cap Watch - Stealth Black/Black Dial/Unobtainium Strap 26-312

    Thanks for looking. second item out of my small collection up for sale. Its a unused LNIB (if you want to call a box it came in a box). Bottlecap. It comes with everything you see here. Looking for 350.00 (really not sure whats its worth so up for discussion) To include shipping CONUS...
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    For Sale  Gearbox - Nib - Oakley Gearbox Brushed Black and Tan Dial Watch

    Putting up a few watches and this is the first. Not looking for any trades to speak of. Doubletap would be a consideration. (either the stealth one or the blue lettered one). Price looking for is 275.00 CONUS please. F&F or 4%. Your call. Would prefer you have some history for F%F but...