1. S

    New Backpack

    got a new backpack £50 and a software hoodie £7 , should come in handy over summer!
  2. U

    For Sale  Hoodies and girls snowboard coat

    Navy hoodie - Men’s XL - I’ve only worn this a handful of times since it’s pretty big/baggy — $25 Green hoodie - men’s L — cool skull print all over - well worn, but in great shape - $15 Gretchen Bleiler snowboard coat - ladies small - excellent shape - lots of cool features- $80 I’ll cover...
  3. K

    Can anyone identify this hoodie?

    Is this Oakley? I found this red hoodie in the McLaren Grand Grix Driver documentary SE01EP03, 2017. Fernando wore this in this episode, I think it should be Oakley as Fernando Alonso was sponsored by Oakley at that period. He was also wearing an Oakley write t-shirt and pants at the same time...
  4. QLR1

    2016 Black Friday deals

    Get your bargains... Oakley Black Friday Delas Collection For Men | Oakley Store Some boring stuff, but the M2 Frame XL is a steal at $40 Oakley M2 Frame XL in ATOMIC ORANGE / GRAY | Oakley Sliver F starting st $65 Oakley Sliver Foldable Polarized in MATTE GRAY INK / VIOLET IRIDIUM...
  5. Jmo65

    Few pick-ups

    Recently picked up a Diamond Square O Hoodie, B2 Red Line Boardshorts, O belt buckle, and a black leather belt.