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    Sold  OAKLEY JULIET | Complete with Box, Coin, Paper & Receipt

    Also selling my Oakley Juliet Titanium/Gold Juliet, 2nd Generation with swapped Ice Polarized lenses. I bought these in early 2000's. I still have the receipt which will be included. The lenses have a few marks on them (Please see the last 2 images below) only visible under direct sunlight...
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    Sold  Juliet Ice Polarized Box and Coin

    Original box and coin for Juliet plasma w/ Ice Polarized 04-153 in mint condition with foam I have also the OEM Ice Polarized lenses with purple hue for $OLD $45 shipped CONUS
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    Sold  04-153 Juliet Ice Polarized Box, Coin & Warranty

    Box in really good condition. Inner box the same. I’d rate it at 9/10. CONUS $70
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    Sold  R1 emerald polarized and big taco ice polarized

    These are the next set of lenses I've decided to let go First is a R1 emerald polarized big taco cut mint condition like new no scratches $120 shipped and pay palled conus Next is a set of ice polarized big taco lenses they are basically brand new just no box $old shipped and pay palled...
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    Deal  Ice Polar

    Looking for a new pair of ice polarized lenses for a specific frog. I know I can get them on dot Com but I have to buy a ocp frame as well. I'd rather just get the lenses.. any help would be greatly appreciated..thanks
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    Sold  Juliet Plasma Ice Polarized: Like new. Price down: $425

    Juliet Plasma Ice Polarized Like new condition Full set SKU on arm $425 + shipping ($15)