1. Logik

    For Sale 3 Pairs of Juliet Lenses (Ice/Ruby/Emerald) *UPDATED*

    Offering up 3 pairs of Juliet lenses. These are beaters, to be clear. Worn during sports & beach days. Selling all together. Ice (Late Gen) = light pitting and discoloration. Best of the 3 sets. 7 / 10 Ruby (Early Gen) = coating broken down on the interior lenses, light scratches throughout...
  2. Logik

    For Sale 3rd Gen Juliet Plasma / Ice Complete Set

    Selling 2nd 3rd Gen Juliets (SN#J1117528B) which I bought off a forum member here for more than I'm selling now. Frame = 9.5/10 Nose = 8.5/10 (doesn't need tune) IMO Lens = 8/10 (Decent with minor hairline scratch) UPGRADED to Gen 1 Ice Lenses I had kicking around to replace the pitted lenses...
  3. Fernando

    Sold Juliet plasma w/ ice “COMPLETE”

    Hello OFamily for sale this Juliet plasma with ice lenses in perfect condition, is a B-serial 3rd Generation frame serial with matching box,and coin, nose bridge is factory tight, the frame is perfect with out discoloration, the lenses have very little cleaning marks is very low, is perfect for...
  4. Logik

    Buying XS Ice / Ruby Iridium OEM Lenses

    Looking for Great/Mint condition XS Lenses - Both Ice & Ruby Iridium Shipping to Vancouver, BC, Canada Cheers L
  5. Fernando

    Sold Magnesium switch titanium w/ ice

    Hello OF another gem for sale, this time a Magnesium switch titanium frame with ice lenses they are unused but in the frame right orbital have a couple of brands to have it exposed, can see in the pic with the zoom, is very low, apart from that they are perfect and can hardly be seen, the frame...
  6. Fernando

    Sold Juliet plasma w/ ice iridium lenses W

    Hello OFamily for sale this Juliet plasma with ice lenses in perfect condition, is a warranty frame serial, nose bridge is factory tight, the frame is perfect with out discoloration, the lenses is free marks or scrachers perfect condition, came with mf-bag only, is perfect for wear every day...
  7. Amanoramonkey

    Sold Xx xmetal ice polar lenses custom cut.

    I have a pair of ice polar lenses for xmxx surplus to requirements. Part of the etching is still visible but not all. Excellent condition. $80 shipped Pics will follow but please bare with me in not home until morning.
  8. Xire

    Sold Juliet Plasma Ice NOS

    Selling my last pair of Juliet Non serial Nosebridge 8/10 no need to service. Lenses 7.5/10 Frame: 9/10 can't see anything wrong Rubbers in good shape. T shocks will be #25. Will be keeping the #15 as i only have a few of those. With Microfiber cloth case $OLD All in CONUS and Canada
  9. R

    For Sale Juliet Lens Ice Tungsten Iridium Polarized

    Both pairs are new and never mounted 10/10 Ice Iridium lens - $95 Tungsten Iridium Polarized - $105 Pp fees and shipping covered in lower 48 states. Both for $170 and I’ll throw in a craftsman driver that fits the juliet frame.
  10. SolarOracle

    Sold X-Metal XX Ice Iridium lenses NIB

    Hello OF I have a new set of XX Ice custom cut Lenses They come with lens soft pouch as pictured Asking $110 shipped CONUS
  11. SolarOracle

    For Sale X-Metal XX Ice OEM Lenses

    Hello OF Decided to get rid of these beautiful OEM Ice lenses with Purple Hue These are the factory Ice Lenses not custom cut Originally came from a Plasma XX Frame so they are not new but in excellent condition! Right lens as few light micro scratches and left lens is almost flawless...
  12. barberp

    For Sale First Generation Juliets LOW SERIALS

  13. SolarOracle

    Sold Romeo Polished w/ Ice

    Selling these beautiful Romeo 1 Polished with Ice Ienses to buy another Grail Frames is in excellent condition with mirror finish and lenses are flawless Low Serial Rubbers are also in good condition! OEM Earsocks and Nosebombs with Linegear gaskets Asking $OLD shipped CONUS
  14. Gunn

    For Sale Juliet Plasma w/ Ice Iridium, full set, boxed, complete 375$ shipped

    I'm selling a Juliet Plasma with Ice Iridium lenses. The frame has a factory thight nosebridge, new rubbers and a JI1*****A serial number. The Ice lenses have several marks from usage. Nothing too bad, clear vision, but they are not new. With the pair comes the cleaning bag, the papers...
  15. SolarOracle

    Sold XS Plasma Ice

    For sale no trade!! XS Plasma Ice OO6011-02 Frame is in mint condition (9.5/10) Lenses have scratches and nick in the middle (7/10) Still not affecting sight.. Perfect for a everyday use or custom set 350$ Shipped to US and Canada Paypal Sold
  16. Dieselnewt

    For Sale Chainlink and Mainlink lenses!

    5. Chainlink Gray Polarized- These have a tiny scratch on the left lense out of sight. It is very minimal.9/10 $65 4. Chainlink Bronze Polarized- These are perfect. Never used.10/10 $70 1. Chainlink Ice Iridium- These are perfect. Never used. 10/10 $55 2. Chainlink Jade Iridium- these are...
  17. SolarOracle

    Sold Penny Titanium Ice

    Mint Conditon!! Tight ear stems, hinges, and perfect unobtainium rubber. OEM HDO Ice Lenses No Serial Comes with Oakley soft pouch only, No Box or Coin Frame : 9.5 Lenses :10 Rubbers : 9.5 385$ Paypal
  18. Fernando

    Sold Bnib splice crystal black / FMj+ w/ ice lenses "full metal"

    hello Hermanos :) For sale new in box splice full metal crystal black/ fmj with ice lenses, is new and complete, papers, bag, box included. Lenses 10/10 Frame 10/10 Price: $300 allin. Payment in PayPal g&s, fees and shipping with tracking and total insurance included. Thanks for look.
  19. Gunn

    Sold Oakley PENNY Titanium w/ Ice Iridium, boxed, full set

    I decided to sell one of my Penny pairs from my display to raise funds for some other projects. Titanium Penny with Ice Iridium lenses serialized frame / number is matching with the box! pair unworn! including microfiber bag, spare nosebombs, papers, coin and box would rate it 9.9 / 10 asking...
  20. A

    Question regarding FUSE lens colours for Wiretap (new)

    Hello Guys, I have a pair of Oakley Wiretap (new) in Matte Black and Black Iridium Polarized. Love the pair. Just wanted to try out a different coloured lens for it and was intrigued by FUSE lenses. I am mostly interested in lens colours close to either Oakley Ice Iridium or Emerald Iridium...
  21. saulsaul

    Sold Juliet Plasma Ice Polarized: Like new. Price down: $425

    Juliet Plasma Ice Polarized Like new condition Full set SKU on arm $425 + shipping ($15)
  22. ProjectCM3

    My Dream X Squared: ACQUIRED!

    Ever since they came out, I've always wanted a pair and thanks to @MSTech I purchased this lovely pair of X Squared Plasma/Ice BNIB with all the treats! It's now sitting in my display cabinet until Spring/Summer :) Thanks again Marc!
  23. Fernando

    Sold Penny Titanium / Ice iridium #Sold

    Hello O-family today put on sale one of my penny ti with ice iridium lenses, the frame is in perfect condition, like new without marks or discoloration, the bridge of the nose tight as the first day, lenses have some signs of use, but very superficial, nothing to affect the vision, come with...
  24. mercat

    For Sale Juliet Plasma

    For sale is a Juliet Plasma SKU#04-152 with custom cut ruby(or +red not sure, not sure if OEM either but will list it as non-OEM).. Comes with the original lens which is ice iridium and the original black rubbers except for the earsocks (small and large nosebombs, 15 and 25 t-shox), customs...
  25. #1 Stunna!

    Traded Juliet plasma / ice for a pair of XX

    Like the title states, I would like to trade my plasma / ice iridium juliets for a pair of XX metals. The juliets are in good condition, bridge is good as you can see in the pictures. These are second generation as you can see by the serial number. Rubbers in good condition, size 25 in the...
  26. lazafari

    Mars crater all blue rubbers

    Hey bros, someone might be able to help me with some info... My friend bought a pair of mars crater on ebay, and it has blue ice lenses, and blue rubber kit. He asked the seller some info and the guy said that it was a south africa especial edition. 400 run serial... And he guy said that it will...
  27. CrazyALee

    Buying Lens: Juliet Ice/blue iridium (regular or polarized)

    Hello looking for new in box or like-new condition ice or blue iridium lenses for juliet. Polarized or not....let me know what you guys have....
  28. CrazyALee

    For Sale LENSES: Juliet polarized fire iridium

    I have a set of polarized fire iridium juliet lenses. I'd rate it 9.5/10 if it werent for the few tiniest of nicks at the very edges, kind of hard to catch on camera. from being mounted once. Came off new juliet and stored away, never used. Pretty much brand new. Comes with foam pouch and...
  29. CrazyALee

    Trading Juliet polarized fire iridium for blue or ice iridium polarized juliet lenses...

    I have a set of polarized fire iridium juliet lenses. I'd rate it 9.5/10 if it werent for the few tiniest of nicks at the very edges, kind of hard to catch on camera. from being mounted once. Came off new juliet and stored away, never used.
  30. 702baby

    For Sale Fire and Ice Juliet Lenses

    Got a set of Ice iridium and 1 set of Fire iridium lenses for Juliet, all BNIB. $75 for Ice, $85 for Fire. Shipping to CONUS included in price. Payment to be made PayPal friends and family or add the 4% for the fees. International shipping will be $9 extra. Not interested in trades.