ichiro rubbers

  1. XM-I

    First XS!

    From @Nucchem’s collection now to mine. With Ichiro rubbers preinstalled, they accent the plasma quite well, and the ice...oooh the ice is nice! A complete set, original rubber including the gaskets
  2. U

    For Sale  Green Ichiro Earsocks + Rootbeer Rubber Kit

    Good morning fellow Os. Selling a pair of green ichiro earsocks + rootbeer rubber kit (earsocks + nosebombs) Both are brand new $40 for the green ichiro earsocks $40 for rootbeer rubber kit. Or take both for $75 shipped.
  3. U

    For Sale  Ichiro and Ducati rubbers

    Hello OF. Selling as individual pairs.Everything is brand new, oem, and never installed or used. Just taken out for pictures. Earsocks would fit Juliet, XX Xmetal, Romeo 1and Mars. All earsocks have the CE and Made in USA print. Price includes shipping within CONUS. 1 pair red Ducati...