1. herbieninja

    Buying Why 8.0 Icon

    Little guy made an escape. If anyone has another or a set Please let me know. Colour doesn't matter. Thanks!
  2. Will619

    For Sale Icon business card case

    Cleaning out closet sale. Bought it a while ago, never used it. $130 shipped
  3. J3rp1985

    Sold Icon Watch Titanium Blue Face

    Have a nice Icon Blue Face watch serial # 001647 . Minor damage to face at 12 hr mark can feel it barely with tip of fingernail. minor hard to see scuffs towards 3 O’clock band has some normal wear and tear from usage nothing you can feel if you run your hand over them. Does not come with...
  4. Tejada

    For Sale 3D Hanging Icon ( New)

    3D Hanging Icon ( New) Box measures. 94 cm Long 31 cm Wide The icon measures: 90 cm Long 30 cm Wide 12 Units available Price $ 110 Pay by Paypal I send free only to the United States.
  5. The_Darkone

    What Icon Fits Flak Draft

    Does anyone know what icon is used on the Flak Draft? I tried to swap in a Flak 2.0 icon and it doesn't fit. I know that the "Ratchet" icon is what fit the Flak 2.0 and several other models. I'm thinking the Flak Draft icon has to be shared with another model as well. Any help is appreciated!
  6. Hux78

    Icon links and pins fit TB1?

    Does anyone know if the links and pins on an Icon will fit a TB1?
  7. Esper

    Buying Ladies Polished Icon - Small

    Hi, I’m looking to buy a small polished Oakley icon (ideally white / mother of pearl face) watch for my fiancée. Please pm me if you have one you would like to sell. Thanks,
  8. Amak.2DK

    Time Bomb 1 and Icon Owner List

    Hey Everyone, creating this thread for the people who owns the TB1 (Time Bomb1) and the Icon. I know there's variety of faces and finish would be Polished and TI. So please state what you have and I'll Organized according ti the serial number and included the details. Example: Ti/Blue...
  9. OakleyFTW

    For Sale Oakley 3ft Icon Display

    Oakley 3ft Icon display piece for sale. Price: £300 but open to sensible offers! Also open to trade offers.
  10. Jacob Carstens

    Buying Green icons small - Minute, XX, Four/S, NEJ, Fives 3.0

    Hi guys, As the title says - I'm looking for a set of small round green icons from either Minutes, XX, Four, Four S, New Eye Jacket or Fives 3.0. Not sure if any other frames use the same icons.
  11. Oakleo

    What backpack is this?

    Do anyone know what is the model of this pack? Couldnt find any reference in the web.
  12. Dyeraudio

    For Sale Oakley.....Pairs, Backpack, Skull, Bags, etc (Pic Heavy)

    Another cleaning session has yielded quite a few items I no longer need. I'll do my best to describe each item to the best of my ability. Rules of Sale 1. First come, first served. PM ONLY dictates order 2. Default shipping is First Class. Anything over that will be Standard. Priority...
  13. dr.chop

    For Sale SI Elite Metal Plaque Icon Stick-On

    I am helping out a friend and have 2 of these left he wanted to sell. They are from the Tombstone release party from what he has told me, and they are cool as hell. No plastic, not a resin molded clone, but the real deal all metal and measure approx 5" and weigh about 5oz. Originally he asked...
  14. pegleg

    Customizing a soft vault

    So I am thinking about customizing my soft vault, basically just painting the icon, and wondered if anyone had any tips for disassembly. Before anyone gets on me, I used the search function, and looked through pages after pages here in the DIY section. At first look, the icon seems to be...
  15. Eastonatti

    Square O Icon

    "I heard a rumor" about the end of the Square O. Yes, doing away with the O of the Squared persuasion. This comes as less than preferable news, as nearly all of the product I like sport the Square O Icon; be it apparel or eyewear. This concerns me a great deal in regards to future releases. I'm...
  16. CrazyALee

    Backpack rubber grip handle-lost the metal icon! replacements? Please help!

    Hello fellow O's. I have an old backpack called the "O pack 2.0". Though this model is discontinued, the rubber grip has been used on several other oakley bags before...like their duffels, laptop bags, other backpacks. Their current icon pack 2.0 backpack uses this same grip. Anyway, the...