1. J

    Looking to buy sutro arms

    Hey all, recently purchased a pair of sutro lites, although I don’t quite like the arms. I was wondering if anyone is looking to sell any sort of pink sutro/ sutro lite arms. On top of those, also looking for any sort of pink sutro/ sutro lite icons. Thanks!
  2. LambertDad1976

    Bat wolf

    Bat wolf icons question… I only own 2 pair of bat wolf and they both have interchangeable icons. My question is has this always been the case or did they used to be fixed like the fuel cells? I’m seeing a few interesting eBay listings that don’t have the interchangeable icons and am curious if...
  3. U

    For Sale Flak 2.0 Icons

    I have two sets of icons for the Flak 2.0: Anodized Blue and Satin Gold $12 $10 per set, shipping included in CONUS. I suggest turning the icons over, glue side up, and running a hair dryer on them for like 20-30 seconds before you stick them on. This will ensure the glue to adhere securely.
  4. U

    Found Flak 2.0 Chrome Icons

    As the title says... I'm looking for a pair of chrome icons for my Flak 2.0s.... Hit me up if you have some! Thanks !!
  5. SocalRaptor

    Looking for AirDrop Icon replacements

    I have the RX Airdrops and would like to know what icons will alsoif these frames. Went to the local Oakley Vault store and they are clueless. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  6. U

    Buying Pit bull frames, lenses, icons

    Hello, I am looking for Pitbull frames Grey smoke, crystal black, matte black, rootbeer.... Lenses OO bip, dark bronze, black polar....custom cutted tungsten, VR28, amber........ Icons...other colours, than silver. Possibly trade for my Moster Dog polish. black/grey or olive/VR50 transitions...
  7. JC1966

    show your matching glasses, frames,icons,earsocks that match

    OK so I like to get at least one pair of all the diff colors that you can match the icons and earsocks to the color of the lenses. (ie red lenses red icons, red earsocks, etc) I found the "Dispatch II" that has the Orange/Persimmon Lenses with the Orange icons and the clear frames that fades to...
  8. U

    Buying TwoFace Icons

    Just curious if anyone has any TwoFace icons for sale? I am looking ONLY for polished black icons. *Original Square TwoFace icons. If you have a pair of them and willing to sell them, please message me. Thank you in advance!
  9. Migs5150

    Gascans icons

    Hi everyone, I have a question. My white Gascans got knocked off my head and one of the icons popped off. I can't find it and need a replacement. I call oakley but they said I need to swap out the whole frame. Isn't there a way that I could just get a replacement I kind of tried eBay but no luck...
  10. U

    Sold A lot of stuff: microbags,few lenses,hats,shirts,Icons etc..