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    For Sale Frogskin Matte Carbon Camo Infinite Hero

    frogskin without details showcase sunglasses comes with box, bag and poster 220 $ shipping included
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    For Sale Radar Infinte Hero

    Hi guys, I'm selling my whole Oakley Radar collection (about 12 different limited editions). All of them are 100% authentic and in perfect/new condition. Here I am offering a brand new, unworn pair of Radar Infinite Hero. Including soft and hard case, spare nosepiece, badge and all the rest...
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    Buying WTB: Oakley Infinite Hero Camo Hard Case

    being a old vet.. (get off my lawn) i just came across this. I dont think i knew there was a hard case for IH. maybe i forgot. in any case.. looking for one. let me know whatcha' got. thanks. /beans