1. Hvy@rms61120

    New member

    Hi I am new here love Oakley have since I was a kid in the 90s. I had a pair of Juliet’s that my wife misplaced and really would love to have a pair again. I currently have the radar lock but nothing beats the good old Juliet’s.
  2. David661


    Hello all, I am David and from the Gold Coast. Am very late, but recently got into the Oakley metal x series, and wanting to get more. I have only the very first Romeo R1 but wanting to eventually get all of them. I also have some bad boys and other Oakley glasses. Hoping this platform will...
  3. U

    Buying  Aviators - Intro from Texas

    Hi y’all I’m an avid Oakley fan from Texas. I love me some aviators. I’m on this forum because I am looking for a nice pair of aviators. My last pair was a pair of polarized (the blueish purple) with gold frame feedbacks. I have been looking for a pair of pinkish lenses black frame feedbacks...
  4. P

    The Intro Of Papinosis

    Hello Oakley Forum world, Allow me to introduce myself. I am papinosis. I’ve a fan of Oakley since The Fabulous Freebirds & NWO were sporting Oakleys since the WCW dayz. The 1st ever oakleys I’ve ever purchased was back in 2004 is the Thump 256 Red Camo (Lil Jon Edition). I have posted a...
  5. M

    Hello from Germany!!!

    Hi everybody, I am a new Oakley fan from Germany Bavaria. Not eating sausages everyday neither drinking beer everyday!!! ;) But wearing Oakley´s everyday!!! (at least when the sun is out) :cool: In my possession: Monster Dog, Twenty XX, Xten, Minute 2.0, Straight Jacket, BATWOLF, Unknown...
  6. M

    Hi from the UK

    Hi all, I thought I would introduce myself: I am from the UK, near London, and have long been a fan of Oakley! First pair was a pair of Fives Squared BIP (my fave lenses) about 10 or so years ago and I have been hooked ever since. Have a good few pairs, with faves prob being my Jupiter...
  7. J

    John from Berlin

    Hey all, Joined the forum as I'm on the hunt for a pair of eyeshades original or heritage. I'm an Irish guy living in Berlin. I recently got into road cycling and I quite like the Greg Lemond style to go with my steel framed Pinarello. They are also a pretty landmark pair of glasses in terms of...
  8. OakLee

    Little about me...

    Hello from North Texas..Been an Oakley fan since my first pair at 14. Now 20 years later, at 34, it's became a way of life. I wear Oakley sunglasses, Rx glasses, wish they made contacts (LoL), watches, appearal, and love most anything from Oakley. I own 8 pair of sunglasses, and 2 Rx at the...