j serial

  1. U

    Sold J Serial Juliet with lens options.

    Serial: J164614 Frame looks fantastic. Only mark belongs to the nose bridge, and it’s tiny. Camera phone doesn’t capture it. Two primary lens options include the titanium polar that’s in the frame and a set of black polar pictured below. Rubber set is also really nice. I’ve worn this pair less...
  2. U

    Sold Juliet X-Metal J-Serial $198

    Selling A First Generation Juliet in X-Metal Finish J-Serial in good condition. Put a lense and you have a decent Pair. Not really needing tune up yet. Frame and Rubbers(t-shock #25) only FRAME : 8/10 Mostly factory fault otherwise good no noticeable scratches or nicks NOSE BRIDGE: 7.5/10...
  3. SpliceD

    Random in-person offer for the pair you're wearing

    I was out Trick or Treating with my kids at a local mall yesterday and i happened to walk into the O-store to check out some of the new stuff. As i walked out, there was a guy chatting with one of the employees and he saw my 1st gen (J serial) X-metal/BI Juilets on my head. He asked me how...
  4. U

    Sold Juliet Xmetal J serial

    For sale Oakley Juliet Xmetal J serial $380 Western Union Payment Plus shipping fee via DHL Frame: 9/10 Lens: bnew oem ruby iridium (issue have small chipoff on left lens upon installing it but doesnt affect visibility, please see pic) Rubbers: 10/10 bnew oem rubbers Coupler: 10/10 newly...