1. Jerome

    Holbrook Raceworn Green

    Just saw this special edition Holbrook pop-up on the internet. It’s called “Raceworn Green”. I’m not sure what “raceworn” means but I like the green. Model number is OO 9102 9102I6, lenses are Prizm Jade Polarized. I like them
  2. Fables

    Prizm Jade Polarized (vs other prizm) for driving sunglasses?

    Hi I always keep one pair of sunglasses in my car… in case i forget to take the sunglasses I have for daily use with me. I have this criteria for these driving glasses: 1. Must be polarized for those days when the roads are wet 2. Must shield eyes well enough in bright sunlight 3. Must have...
  3. SolarOracle

    Sold R1 Polished w/ Jade Iridium

    The frame has been polished with no discolorations or dark spots. Mirror Finish!! 9/10 rating to be safe Serial number was preserved The lenses are jade iridium with 8.75 curvature from fast jacket as it has small display scratches that doesnt affects vision. 9/10 Rubbers & Gaskets: Mint...
  4. Dieselnewt

    For Sale Chainlink and Mainlink lenses!

    5. Chainlink Gray Polarized- These have a tiny scratch on the left lense out of sight. It is very minimal.9/10 $65 4. Chainlink Bronze Polarized- These are perfect. Never used.10/10 $70 1. Chainlink Ice Iridium- These are perfect. Never used. 10/10 $55 2. Chainlink Jade Iridium- these are...
  5. Y

    What Oakley lenses are these? - Identify Lenses Thread

    Hello I have an old Oakley frame ( pewter color) from 1999 or 2000 which I cannot identify and need replacement lenses. I am attaching a picture of the old lenses with reference dimensions. Can you identify the model and suggest a replacement ? from 1999 or 2000 which I cannot identify and need...
  6. RoTors

    Newest R1

    Just recieved these. After a quick clean, rubber and lens change here is the newest R1 into the collection.
  7. wrist

    SGH Jade Series

    Frogskins, Polished White w/ Jade Iridium Polarized. $170. 24-364